Will Manuka Honey Acne Treatment Work for Me?

By | April 9, 2014

Will Manuka Honey Acne Treatment Work for Me?

Acne is a problem faced by many at some point in their lives.  When acne occurs on the face it can negatively impact a person’s self-confidence when dealing with others and make them less effective at school, work and even at home with family.  Finding a treatment for this problem is essential to eliminate the negative effects that can result when someone suffers from acne. There are a number of treatments available on the market today all that work with different effectiveness.  In order to pick the best treatment and to determine if the Manuka honey acne treatment will work for you need to understand what acne is and is not, how it is caused and then identify the best treatment for your acne case.

Understanding what causes acne

There are a variety of descriptive names for acne such as whiteheads, zits or pimples all which describe the same basic problem of acne vulgaris.  Acne starts when the pores of the skin start to get clogged by oils, dirt and debris from dead cells on the skin.  The problem is compounded if there are germs or bacteria also present which cause the skin to become inflamed and red.  Acne typically starts to show up when a person reaches puberty and the hormonal changes in the body start to produce excessive oils.  These oils were not present earlier and some puberty aged children struggle to manage the changes there bodies are going through and acne begins to form.  When acne starts if often reappears throughout the person’s life even in adulthood.  Women can have a particular problem with recurring acne when the go through menstrual cycle and their hormones fluctuate regularly.  Young men often have issues with acne when they reach puberty as well when their hormones start to change but the male acne problem does not fluctuate like the female problems.  Finding a way to manage your particular acne problem is the key to remaining acne free throughout your life.

Finding an effective acne treatment

Managing an acne problem requires finding an effective treatment protocol to manage your acne.  The basics for managing acne include washing your face and affected areas with gentle soap multiple times a day.  Make sure to not pick at the pimples you see when you get an acne breakout as popping them can release bacteria and cause the acne to spread or worse your skin could be permanently scarred as a result.  Maintain your skin’s health by using regular moisturizers that are formulated to not cause acne break outs.  These moisturizers will be label noncomedogenic.  These are the basics that all acne sufferers need to follow to begin to manage their acne.  The follow on steps will be more specific to each individual and their specific issues and causes of acne.  There are peroxides that can be used to help unclog pores in the skin and prevent more acne from forming; there are hydroxyl acids that can dry up blemishes, There are other treatments available as well, one of which is manuka honey for acne treatment.

Treating acne with manuka honeymanuka honey acne

One treatment that has shown success for many is treating acne with manuka honey or manuka oil acne treatment.  This type of honey is found naturally in the country of New Zealand and is produced when honey is produced from pollen from the indigenous manuka bush that grows there.  This type of honey is considered to have healing and antibacterial properties which makes it a candidate for fighting acne.  Manuka honey is available from a variety of online retailers and can be found with a simple search online using any search engine.  When purchasing manuka honey check the UMF dosage levels and make sure they are 16+ so that it will be effective in treating acne.

There have been studies conducted that show benefits of using manuka honey to treat wounds by putting honey in the dressings used on wounds and compared the results to other similar treatments and with other honeys.  The results of the studies showed that manuka honey had the best results in stopping free radical production.  Manuka honey has been approved by the FDA for treating wounds and was qualified in the year 2007.  Besides the clinical studies and FDA approval there are numerous personal testimonies about how manuka honey has helped cure acne problems on a variety of different types of people with different types of skin.

Using manuka honey for acne treatment

Manuka honey acne treatment can be incorporated in an acne preventative treatment plan as a way to reduce the occurrence of acne and for treating existing cases.  To begin the treatment start by cleaning the affected skin with warm water and a gentle soap.  Gently dry the skin being sure not to break the acne open by rough toweling.  Next, apply the manuka honey to the affected skin and allow it to set for at least fifteen minutes.  If you use the manuka honey as a mask on your entire face then ten minutes should be sufficient.  Finally, remove the honey and clean the last residues from your face.  Manuka honey does multiple things while it is on the skin including fighting infection, remove excess oils, cleans impurities, stops bacteria growth, moisturizes, reduces inflammation, works as an antioxidant and helps to heal damage done to the skin.

Skin problems can occur with anyone male or female and at any time during their life but particularly during the puberty years.  Establishing good habits early on in life will help to minimize the spread of acne and reduce the embarrassing repercussions that people have to face when their acne is visible to the rest of the world.  When selecting a treatment for acne consider incorporating manuka honey into your acne treatment regimen.  This FDA approved honey has been shown to have promising results and may be the right solution for your acne problem.   Try incorporating manuka honey for acne treatment and you will be amazed at the results.

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