Why do we get blackheads and how to avoid them

By | June 6, 2015

One of the most common problems that teenagers and adults face alike is the problem of the blackheads. These are formed when the pores on the skin surface are clogged or closed off with the deposition of the oils that are secreted throughout the day by the glands of the skin. The clogging process occurs mainly due to the deposit of the oils and dead skin cells that remain unwashed. This produces a comedone which when exposed to the air, makes the layer of skin turn black and form what is commonly known as a blackhead. If you are baffled by why do we get blackheads, then here are some factors which often contribute to the formation of the blackheads and their worsening, including: Production of excessive body oils Growth of the acne bacteria on the skin layers. Irritation caused to the hair follicles by the un-shed dead cells of the skin Hormonal changes that can often trigger an increase in the production of sebum mainly during the teenage years, as an effect of pills for birth control, due to menstruation and such.

Use of drugs like androgens, lithium and corticosteroids.

It is often believed that your eating and drinking habits can also be the reason for the growth of pimples. Food items like dairy products, carbohydrates, etc. often cause an increase in the level of the blood sugar thereby instigating the formation of acne. However, there are no scientific proofs to back this belief.

Symptoms and signs of the blackheads

The dark color of the blackheads is the main reason why they can be easily spotted. They form small bumps on the skin. However, most blackheads do not cause pain like the pimples do. 

Blackheads are treated by:

OTC remedies

One can easily find a variety of products to cure blackheads at ordinary drug stores and these can be obtained without any sort of prescription.why do we get blackheads The medications are usually available in gel, pad and cream forms and can be easily applied to the skin directly. As these medications include benzyl peroxide, resorcinol and salicylic acid, they work towards destroying the bacteria, clearing the excessive oil and helping in the regular shedding of the dead cells.

Medications approved by doctors

In case, the OTC medicines fail to achieve their desired effect for you, you may consult a physician who will then be able to prescribe you the right kind of medication for your skin type and body type. The Vit A contained in these medications are usually helpful in eliminating the problem of clog formation and help ease the process of skin shedding. Doctors may also suggest the use of products that includes antibiotics and benzyl peroxide. These types are useful in case you are suffering from cysts apart from the problem of blackheads. 


This process is usually carried out by the doctors with the use of a special instrument which has a rough face to remove the top, dead layers of the skin. This helps in eliminating the clogs that give rise to blackheads.

Chemical peels

This is another easy way to fight off the dead cells and the excessive oils as well. This process usually involves the use of a harsh chemical that helps in peeling of the layers of the skin where the dirt have deposited and bring forth the fresh skin layer. You can also find milder versions of chemical peels which can be used at home while the doctor takes care of the harsh variety.

Laser and Light therapy

This technique is known to be one of the fastest ways to cure the issue and involves the use of laser beams that affect the sebaceous glands, thereby reducing both the oil production rate and also the effect of the bacteria. In this case, the upper layers remain intact, whereas the rays penetrate deep inside, curing from with the body.

Preventing from Blackheads:

Preventing the formation of blackheads is not at all difficult. In fact., these simple methods will help keep them at bay:

Wash regularly

Washing the face in the morning and before you are off to bed with a mild cleanser that suits you will ensure that the oil is not deposited on the skin. However, you shouldn’t keep repeating this throughout the day. Antibacterial cleansers will be more effective as they will destroy the bacteria too. Daily hair wash is equivalently important as hair has a tendency to accumulate a lot of dirt that can get mixed with the oil.

Oil-Free products

Choosing oil free moisturizers, make up, etc. will ensure that unwanted oil doesn’t get deposited leading to the problem of blackheads.

Egg White Mask

A simple way to reduce the chances of a breakout of blackheads is to use the white portion of the egg as a face mask as it has the capacity to tighten the skin pores, thereby reducing the secretion of oil and also the deposition of harmful bacteria and excessive oils in the pores that eventually lead to the formation of blackheads.

 Milk and Honey Pore Strips

Honey and milk are quite good for the skin all by themselves and when mixed together, they perform the function of an adhesive that keeps the pores tight. The antibacterial properties of honey together with the lactic acid present in milk can do wonders for blackheads.

Honey and Cinnamon Strips

Although the mixture can remind you of some delicious candy yet these two natural products together make a great cure for the blackheads. This is because honey keeps the bacteria at bay while cinnamon acts as a good trigger for enhancing the blood circulation that can make your skin glow and be healthy.

Using toners for tighter pores

Use of natural astringents like lemon will offer you the benefit of naturally minimizing the pore size which will eventually prevent the deposition of sebum and bacteria in these pores. The skin tone will also get lighter so that affected area gradually loses its ugly color after a period of time.