What Is Blackheads And The Easy Way To Treat Them

By | April 28, 2015

Just as their name suggests blackheads are very  small and tiny spots on the surface of  the  skin, they can be on the nose, or the face, but the common ones usually appear on the nose and are usually caused by small blockages in the skin follicles and pores. They are usually an indicator of acne that forms before the disease causing microorganisms find their way into the pores of on the skin. These acnes that it usually indicates are conditions of the skin that usually have an effect on many people which result to the onset of  spots on the skin especially on the  face, back, nose and chest.  Blackheads are usually caused by the excess production of oil in the glands and also a hormone produced that triggers over activity in the oil glands is produced in the process therefore resulting to the clogging of the skin pores. Upon forming blackheads becomes difficult to get rid of and the are evenly distributed over a wide area in the body in a particular area. They are usually darken spots on the skin and that makes them more visible on a lighter skin than a dark skin.

This gives the notion that it only affects the light skin individuals than others which is not the case. The darkness in their appearance is because  of  oxidation of the pigment of the skin with the air upon exposure and not necessarily the issues of the poor  hygiene or dirt, but they also affect their formation. The situation of blackheads usually worsens if  the skin is subjected to constant scrubbing, scratching or washing which irritates the skin.

These processes are mostly used because blackheads appear easy to remove  and that makes them to be subjected to regular ways of what is blackheadsremoving them. Their appearance is similar regardless of where they are  found in the part of the body, but their distribution varies according to the number of clogged skin pores. The more the clogged  pores on the skin, the more the number of blackheads therefore  their appearance also increases.

Some skin products also support the formation, growth and development of blackheads, this is because they result in blocking of the skin pores, others  acnegenic in nature while some clog the pores. All these affect the formation of blackheads among other factors. When this persists  the hair will not emerge or grow normally and this will cause the bulging of the pores that will then cause inflammation and also result in the formation of pus at the base of the blackhead.

Blackheads also vary,for instance some are painless but will just be on the skin but will be painful whenan attempt to physically removed them is initiated.This could be through  squezzing them out or trying to scratch them off,which will result to  them being painfull.There are also blackheads that are painfull,these are inflammated ones that appear large and red.It has the capability of advancing to the level of causing difficulty in breathing in regard to where they appear.This difficulty in breathing is as a result of the blackheads blocking theairways and they can thus be removed  with a blackhead remover since it cannot be popped up  or pulled out with a pore strip.

Generally blackheads cab easily be gotten rid of when well managed and can also cause discomfort if removed through the wrong means.