The Quickest Way To Get Rid Of A Pimple

By | June 6, 2015

Acne, spots, zits are some different forms of pimples which affect the skin of many adults and a number of teenagers also. For some people this situation is temporary and removes after a certain age, but there do exist some, for which it becomes an ongoing chronic problem. Having pimples on your skin also adds a lot to the stress, anxiety and embarrassment. Al these emotional and psychological effects may be overcome by the treatments of these pimples. Although pimples are the sign that your body has some issues internally or at the outer part of your skin, even then living with them is not a big problem, but if they stay for long on the skin then it is a time to think critically about them and try to get them removed by adopting some favorable treatment. The long lasting pimples can develop into a great depression and a serious chronic disease as well.

Key points of pimples:

Here are some of the fast facts about acne and pimple

1) When they exist on the face it can add a lot of embarrassment and anxiety. And can be a major reason you don’t feel good going out with your friend and live the way you want.

2) Pimples which appear on a regular basis may result in the rise of depression levels.

3) Almost every one either the adult or a teenager get from this phase of having pimples, so keep calm it’s not new to the world and can be cured as well.

4) Glycemic index foods and dairy products in your diet may support the environment for the growth of pimples on your skin.quickest way to get rid of a pimple

5) Instant treatment of pimples can help you regain your confidence and overcome from anxiety and emotional effects.

6)  The chances of having the pimples can be removed by washing your face twice a day. It will help in keeping the debris and infection away and will not promote the suitable conditions for the growth of these acne spots.

7) You can make your pimple worse by popping them. The key is not to even touch them with dirty hands.

8) Active ingredients such as benzyl peroxide, sulfur and salicylic acids are used in the pimple treatment medications.

9) Pimples are also treated by the use of antibiotics, laser and light therapy. 

Treat instantly them with medication:

Although there exist a number of products that can be used to treat the acne or pimple but they contain some active ingredients which are 

Benzoyl peroxide:

It works as it cleans the pores accelerates the turnover of skin and acts as a peeling agent. It is effective in attacking, killing and slowing down the glands producing the oil  

Salicylic acid

 It is a crystal like substance that acts as fungicide to the acne related issues. This helps the breakdown of white and black heads by causing the epidermis to shed the skin  and thus prevents the skin  pores from blocking. Salicylic acid promotes the growth of new cells. It is mostly recommended for reducing the inflammation and swelling.


It is a crystalline phenol also known as carbolic acid and helps in breakdown of black and white heads. This active agent is used for the cure of eczema, dandruff and psoriasis

Sulfur: it is a yellow crystalline solid which has been used for centuries to cure the eczema, acne and many other health related issues. Even the working of the sulfur is not completely known but it is confirmed that sulfur oxidizes to for the sulfurous acid that has the properties of reducing and antibacterial agent. It helps in breaking down of white heads and black heads.

Retinol A: it contains tretinion which is the acid form of vitamin A also called all trans retinoic acid.Retin A unplugs the blocked pores and allow the skin to breathe. The other use is in the creams mostly known as anti-aging creams. In history it is considered to be the first retinoid produced for acne treatment which was applied on the affected skin.

Azelaic acid: this acid is used for anti-inflammation as it mops up free radicals. Also used for the patients who have dark portions of the skin or where the acne spots could not be removed leaving brown or black marks. Azelaic acid is found in nature as saturated dicarboxylic acid in wheat, barley and rye.

These ingredients are found in acne medication as lotions, soaps, gels and creams

All the medications may have different concentration and it is always recommended to use the one with low concentration of these ingredients at the start. One may feel irritation, redness, or even the burning effect after application of these ingredients containing product, but the continuous use will result in getting things better in feeling and results both.

However, if the these OTC medications are unable to get you satisfied, you must see the skin specialist soon to start the proper medication to help you out of pimple and acne related issues.

Other Quick Treatments:

Some quickest way to get rid of a pimple is

1)  Laser therapy: with the advancement in technology the acne is cured with the help of laser technology. The laser and light therapy target the bacteria which are causing the acne or pimples. The advantage is that it does not harm the skin while penetrating deep to the root cause of the problem. Laser treatment causes the certain glands which produce oil to stop their functioning by removing them. However the results of the laser treatment are mixed and surely it cost a lot.

2) Microdermabism: it is method used for improving the appearance of acne scars and skin rejuvenation. According to the dermatologist chemical peels are also used for treatment of black heads, white heads and papules.

3) Drainage: a large cyst is removed, but the drainage and extraction method. Butdermatologist suggests that this method should be adopted once the treatment by the medication could not be successful. However the risk of leaving a mark behind after the drainage and extraction therapy is utmost but the pain is surely removes.

Treating them yourself:

There have been many home methods, explaining how to get rid of pimples. They are explained below

Diet: many researchers and nutritionist claim that the food that is high in glycemic index or that is based on dairy product increases the risk for development of pimples. However the use of a good medical nutrition therapy can reduce the number and serious conditions of pimples, spot and acne.

Wash your face:

It is highly recommended to wash your face twice a day, but not more than this. For this you must be having a good mild soap, warm water, and a clean towel. Wash it gently and do not rub the skin too hard. The OTC lotion containing benzyl peroxide may also be used.

Popping the pimple: 

The appearance of the pimple relates to the undergoing infection or other medical problem to your skin or body. For those don’t burst the pimple to make them out of your skin, because doing so may increase the chance of infection going deeper into the layers of your skin and thus promoting the acne. This will also result in swelling and redness of the skin.

Getting rid of it. If you have to attend an important function or meeting and you have got a pimple on your skin you might not feel confident, but you can always get a specialist to treat it for you.

Do not touch your face:

Always refrain from touching your pimples. Even try not to touch the telephone to your face when you are having the pimple the infection may spread further. So always wash your hands before touching your face with good soap and always keep your hands and nails clean.

Even your glasses may collect sebum and skin residue so always clean them before putting on.


If the pimples are on any other part of your body like chest, shoulders and back, try to wear looser clothes so that they may not be irritated. It also allows your body to breathe well. For ladies, if you have to wear the scarf make sure they are washed regularly

Make up: when buying the makeup do consider that it is non-acne genic. Always try to remove your make up when going to sleep.


Keep your hair away from your face. They contain the sebum and skin, which may promote the pimples.

Expose less to the sun:

More sebum is produced by exposing the body in the sun for long duration. Use the medications which may help you keep saving from sunburn.

Shave: while shaving make sure that skin is made soft by washing it with warm water and applying it with some good shaving foam. Be careful that the razor is sharp and in case of electric shaver it is fully charged when going to shave.

Propionibacterium: a latest research has revealed that there exist certain viruses that can be used against the bacteria causing acne.

What makes it worse?

1) Bursting the pimple may result in the deep penetration of infection in the layers beneath the outer part of the skin thus enhancing the disease or infection.

2) Sweat is the major source to favor the growth of acne. So it is always recommended to wipe the sweat away either by wet cloth or take a bath after you hit the gym or returned from exercise.

3) Stress: according to the study the hormone levels are disturbed by the anxiety and stress. And this adds to make the acne worse.