The Simplest Method to Treat Jawline Acne

By | April 12, 2014

When it comes to the many types of acne, the kind that affects our jawline is usually the easiest to miss. Unfortunately, jawline acne is easily observed by other people. It is still acne, after all. As such, it can also be notoriously difficult to get rid of once and for all. Don’t worry though. Just about every form of acne can be treated. So keep reading for the simplest method to use when it affects your jawline area. Before we address the simplest way to cure it, let’s first explore what can cause the type of acne that forms along your jaw. The truth is that there is always a number of ways to cure acne, usually depending on what caused it. Fortunately for you, unlike most acne that forms around your chin area, this type is usually not hormonal in origins.

The Cause of Your Jawline Acne      

When it comes to acne, you’re usually dealing with acne mechanica, also known as irritation acne. One of the simplest reasons people get this is because, as the name suggests, the jawline is being agitated on a regular basis. So in the US, the main cause amongst teens is usually something like the straps they have to wear with a football helmet or the type that comes with marching band hats. Constant exposure to these bands for hours a week, combined with the sweat that goes along with it, is enough for acne to breakout. Of course, there are plenty of other straps that could have this effect.

Wearing straps like these may be necessary, but they also help trap sweat against the skin for long periods of time. As you can imagine, this can begin to agitate the skin. jawline acnePerspiration alone encourages all kinds of bacteria to grow within your skin’s pores (plenty of types of acne form this way. Unfortunately, this is also an ample breeding ground for black and whiteheads to form too if dead skin cells and oil mix together.

This is why jawline acne or otherwise, is so important to address, beyond for cosmetic reasons. The constant exposure to a strap means staph bacteria can break out too. If this happens, you’ll experience a condition that resembles cystic acne on the jawline, but will, in fact, be a staph infection that gives you a much larger form of acne that will need antibiotics to cure. As it can be very contagious, you’ll also need to limit your exposure to people.

Even those of us who no longer wear helmets or play in the marching band can get acne that plagues the jawline though. For example, dental gear like braces can end up stretching the skin tighter. This restricts your pores, preventing them from draining naturally. As a result, you guessed  it, dirt gets trapped and causes acne.

Finally, there may be a correlation between this specific type of acne and smoking. We know smoking makes whiteheads and blackheads more at home. But it turns out the same may be said for acne breakouts too. So there’s one more reason to quite.

What Can Be Done?

Let’s now move into the part you probably care about most: curing this type of acne. Obviously, the first thing you can do is limit your exposure to any kind of strap. As you’re usually wearing one as a safety precaution, find opportunities to take it off, clean out any sweat that may be left behind and generally let the area air out.

Keeping the jawline as loose as possible helps too. So aside from regularly removing your chinstrap, move your jaw around to stretch out the areas some. If you wear braces, spacers or other dental mechanisms, talk to your doctor about loosening them up a bit so your skin can follow suit. You also need to cleanse the skin regularly, especially when you get sweaty.

This may not always be possible if you’re playing a sport or in the marching band, but be sure it’s a priority as soon as your game or performance is done. When you do wash or cleanse your skin, be sure you’re not trying to rub your acne away.

This is pretty much impossible and will only make matters worse. Instead, use a shower mitt or towel to wash the area and try massaging the cleanser in. After cleaning, dab the skin dry instead of aggressively rubbing it like you might do the rest of your body.

Change Your Diet

No matter what kind of acne you’re up against, one of the best things you can do is change up your diet. Chances are it’s helping to play a role. Most of us on the typical American diet get far too much fried and oily food. So drop that immediately and you’ll probably see some benefits, as far as your acne is concerned, within a matter of weeks. But you’ll probably begin feeling better immediately too.

Most of us also eat way too many refined sugars. They’re problematic for all kinds of reasons. Once again, your current acne problem might just be the excuse you need to finally drop those empty calories. If nothing else, you’ll fight off obesity and all kinds of other health afflictions.

Lastly, many of us don’t do very well with dairy. But just because you’re not obviously lactose intolerant, doesn’t mean dairy is necessarily good for you. This is another area where some experimentation may go a long way. Try giving up dairy for a while and see if your jawline acne doesn’t benefit.

What Products Should I Use?

When it comes to facial cleansers, there are two important ingredients to remember: benoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Ideally, you want a product that contains both. If you can’t find one, buy two products so you get the jawline acne treatmentfull benefit of these important ingredients. They’re the best at getting into your pores and clearing out all the junk that gets in them. Once they’re cleared out, you can begin to see better results, though this can take several weeks, so be patient.

Interestingly enough, the skin that covers your jawbone actually dries out quicker than that of the rest of your face. So if you find a moisturizer helps on your forehead and your temples, you probably need some on your acne too.

Dryness isn’t the only issue to address either. Puffiness won’t cause your jawline to produce acne. However, it will make any acne around your jawline far more visible. To handle this situation, consider creams that have alpha-lipoic acid as one of the main ingredients. This antioxidant encourages circulation of fluids throughout your skin and will limit puffiness wherever it’s applied. When shopping for the best kind, stay away from any that come in a bottle or jar. Instead, opt for the kinds that come in an opaque squeeze tube. These will help protect the integrity of the product, meaning more potent antioxidants help your skin.

Of course, these creams can be used all over your face to eliminate puffiness. They’ll help with bags under your eyes as well as any puffiness in your cheeks. Those of you with darker skin will also benefit from these treatments as they keep the jawline acne from being overexposed to sunlight. This makes for far less discoloration when the acne finally heals.

Face Exercises

Believe it or not, “facercise” can go a long way in helping to prevent acne too. Most people do these to help eliminate wrinkles so they can age more gracefully. But there’s reason to believe the motions involved can also help with acne. That’s because these exercises prevent your jawline acne from sagging, meaning your pores are able to stay open. As we’ve covered, this means dirt, debris and sweat have a harder time staying trapped inside and causing acne to break out. Plus, facercise helps prevent double chins!

Take Care When You Clean Your Face

There are no specific treatments made especially for jawline acne. But your cleaning regimen will still play an important role. When you clean your face, you probably look right into the mirror. But this can make it easy to miss the trouble areas along your acne where acne can hide. We brought this up in the beginning.

So while it’s important you clean the area around your mouth, your brow, cheeks and nose, be sure you slow down to work your jawline too. If it helps, leave a little note for yourself on your mirror. Using multiple mirrors that give you a side view can go a long way too.

While your chin and jawline acne can be especially noticeable and thus embarrassing and irritating, you don’t have to accept it as part of your lot. Instead, consider the above advice. The simplest method for treating it involves keeping it as open to the air as possible, cleaning it regularly and eating a healthy diet every day. Start this regimen and you’ll begin seeing results in no time.