Should You Pop Pimples?

By | April 2, 2015

Unfortunately, pimples are a fact of life that we simply have to deal with. Although unsightly they will usually subside without any intervention within a week or so. That being said one of the most common questions we are asking is should they pop their pimples? Well there are actually two trains of thought of this so in this post we will explain each and let you make up your own mind. You could even utilise both methods and see what one has the best possible outcome for you, both methods are relatively quick and can be carried out in the comfort of your very own home with inexpensive treatments.

Firstly we have the no camp. The train of thought is based around the body being exposed to bacteria through the hole created by popping the Should You Pop Pimplespimple, in addition to this there is a low to medium chance scarring could occur. Common treatments for people in the no camp are applying ice directly to the pimple site to reduce any swelling or redness, the application of aloe vera to kill any bacteria causing the flare up and the use of evening primrose oil to help sooth the skin.

Next we have the yes camp. The main train of though is that the blockage in the pore of the skin is causing the breakout so removing the blockage frees the skin up to heal quicker. By popping the pimple you are also freeing yourself from the unsightly blemish. Once the pimple is blocked you can apply ice to reduce the risk of scaring and prevent any major swelling. The direct application of honey, sudocrem or aloe vera will also help the wound heal quicker.

Should You Your Pop Pimples?

Well there you have it, both trains of through on if you should pop your pimple breakouts or now, personally I pop my pimples then apply ice directly to the site to stop any swelling. Before bed I will then apply aloe vera to the site and leave it on over night while I sleep. To date I have never scared  with this method and the breakout has completely gone in as little as only three days.

There are commercial tools available to you to help you pop pimples such as a pimple extractor but I have always used my fingers. Popping your pimples is a quick and easy process that is rarely painful in my experience. A possible next step for you could possibly be to pop your next pimple using the above method and then leaving the one after that treating it with ice as suggested above then wait to see what method clears better and quicker for your own body as we are all unique. Hopefully this post has helped you answer the question should you pop your pimples.