Should You Pop A Pimple? The Truth

By | June 6, 2015

Experts say that we should keep our faces and skin clean in order to avoid pimples. However, no matter how clean and how often they wash their faces, for some people the pimples always come. This is true and frustrating for those poor souls who spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on creams, pills, or some type of special diet. Often called pimples or zits this is a skin condition where the skin pores are clogged by oils, dirt and other things causing the skin to swell and redden and sometimes pus to accumulate. For some people in their teens, their faces are plastered with numerous ugly zits, and among them some persist in their adult years while there are other people whose faces have never been tampered with by pimples. Everyone has their own theories as to why pimples occur in some people. Some mistake allergic reactions to products and foods or skin reactions with real acne for instance, some blame it on chocolate and others on drinking a lot of soda and energy drinks. It is not a wonder to hear some claim that pimples are hereditary, which could be partially true but you can never be sure.

Why is it that some people can’t get rid of their acne?

No matter how hard some people try, they never seem to get rid of their acne. The answer is hormones. Hormonal changes are the largest cause of acne. Teenagers and steroid abusers thus have the biggest problem with acne because of their raging hormones. Even regular washing your face will leave you with a clean face, but will not fix the hormone balance. Popping pimples antagonize the problem making the bumps bigger and more pronounced and in turn spreads the bacteria to other areas causing more pimples. The bottom line is that we should do all that we can do to prevent and minimize our acne. We should keep our faces clean, eat healthy foods, and quit bursting our zits.

Should you pop a pimple

Everyone has a different opinion, some of us do pop the occasional pimple and it seems to go away rapidly without leaving a scar. Others jab atshould you pop a pimple their pimples with sharp needles and then squeezing out the pus and the pimples go away rapidly too.  However, for others, they are not very lucky and popping their pimples often leaves them with huge scars on their faces.

Instead of popping pimples, they can be made invisible or a lot less visible. Use of foundation creams and concealer creams to cover up such pimples is a good option.

Whatsoever, we must be realistic, if you don’t pop it, it may burst open itself and distribute its contagious bacteria everywhere on your face and result in a spot that probably will leave a scar.

Acne starts deep in your epidermis when overworking sebaceous oil glands make too much sebum. This sebum conglomerates with dead skin cells creating a closed skin pore. As the pimple grows the naturally occurring bacteria in the pore becomes adulterated. And then a fortnight later it starts, a pimple pops out of your face unashamed.

The best procedure for dealing with pimples is prevention. Start using an acne soap product for your personal type of skin and apply the froth from it to your facial skin only using your fingers to stimulate it in to eliminate all grime along with external matter. Splash water onto your skin to clean and rinse it. Rinse completely by splashing water and dab dry using paper towels or clean towels each time. Be tender but thorough.

You can also use cleansers, exfoliates, toners, and moisturizers for a more intense purifying.

If acne breakouts do come about, start treating them early on. You might want to check out a number of the anti-biotic acne items for instance benzoyl peroxide that is on the over the counter market or using your physician.

Try drawing out the afflicted product using commonplace household items such as lemon, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Applying a moist, pure cotton pad packed with salt is superb for pulling out the infected material in pimples. Even ice cube can reduce their appearance.

Should a pimple show up on your skin treat it for what it is – a hazardous acne breakout that can spread and result in a lot more pimples and scar your facial area.

If the pustule must be removed, please eradicate it properly:

1. Put very warm water onto a wash cloth for at least 20 minutes. Keep the hand towel hot by re-wetting it.  Avoid rubbing.

2. Clean 2-3 inches around the pimple with an alcohol soaked cotton ball.

3. Puncture the pimple to a depth of about ¼ inch.

4. Empty the pimple by making use of natural cotton pads draped across the edges of your index fingers. Do not use your thumbs or the points of your index fingers.

5. Squeeze very softly, making use of the edges of your index fingers. Glide your fingers to make sure you squeeze back to the inside from all portions of the blemish. Use very gentle force.

6. Gently and cautiously move away all the pus or fluid working with a pure cotton ball drenched in isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Go out sufficiently wide-ranging to disinfect any region which could happen to be touched with the contagious fluid

7. Utilizing nice and clean 100 % cotton balls, delicately roll the epidermis back to the inside to ensure that it is made flat covering the center of the pimple.

8. Apply an anti-biotic skin cream. This is really important to make sure all of the bacteria in the acne breakout are remedied and to avert new bacteria from re-infecting the acne.

Finally, review your techniques for day by day and every week washing, cleansing, and deep cleaning your skin and be sure that your choice of a very first range of protection is formidable.