The Secrets of Treating Acne on Chin Quickly

By | April 13, 2014

A lot of people are fond of thinking that once they make it out of their teenage years, acne will be a thing of the past. But the truth is that this is very rarely the case. For most of us, acne is something that will revisit us once in a while, with at least a zit or two here and there. One area that can be especially difficult to get acne is on our chins. Acne on your chin is extremely noticeable and difficult to hide. So if you’re currently dealing with this annoying affliction, keep reading. This article will provide the secrets of how to get rid of chin acne. This is a good place to start because it’s probably one of the first questions you have on your mind. Unfortunately, this is also a difficult place to start because so many different things can qualify as chin acne causes. Acne, in general, is usually a pretty difficult thing to nail down.

What Causes Chin Acne?

While there are many causes, one of the main ones is probably hormones (the kind you get on your cheeks and forehead is generally considered to be caused by digestion). That can always be the case, but chin acne is especially well known for being caused by those pesky hormones you can’t do much to control (not without our help, anyway).

So don’t give up yet. Even though hormones may be largely to blame, there’s still plenty you can do. In fact, let’s start with one of the main ones.

Hormonal Treatments

You can’t get at your hormones with topical treatments and even changing up your diet (which does help and which we will cover) can only do so much. So consider taking a trip to your physician or dermatologist if your acne on chinchin acne is a chronic issue you can’t get on top of.

There are a number of treatments you can get prescribed that will target the hormones in your body and get them to cease with their meddlesome ways. Most of these options will be designed for women, as they involve ramping down your testosterone production. Guys reading this definitely don’t want that side effect. That being said, there are still enough options for the men that a trip to the doctor won’t hurt.

Even if you do get prescribed some type of antibiotics for your chin acne, keep reading. Those pills won’t be enough to solve the problem forever. The guilty bacteria can adapt and otherwise become immune to the medication. Also, that therapy probably won’t take affect for a number of weeks, meaning you have plenty of time to help the issue other ways.

Don’t Touch It

treat acne on chinFor some, this tip may be simple. However, for others, it will be especially hard. Many of us grew up popping zits and pimples whenever we saw them. It was an easy method for making them go away immediately. However, this can make things much worse. For one thing, you’re potentially giving yourself all types of scars and permanent marks. But you could also be infecting these now vulnerable areas.

You have no idea, though, all the grime and debris on your fingers at any one time. Plus, by opening these areas up, they’re now vulnerable to a bunch of other microscopic troublemakers as well. A tip that really helps is simply avoiding the mirror as much as possible, especially that problem area. This will be difficult if you apply makeup, but again, try not to focus on the acne around your chin.

Change Your Diet

One of the simplest things you can do to start treating acne on your chin is to change your diet. Food is incredibly important to our bodies and can even impact our skin. Unfortunately, if you eat the standard American diet, you’re probably consuming a lot of foods that trigger acne on your chin.
Oily and fried foods are the worse perpetrators. Eliminate these from your diet and you’ll probably soon find that the acne on your chin begins to clear up.

Plus, you’ll probably lose weight and enjoy a host of other benefits too. Other food groups that may be causing acne under chin or on it may be dairy and sugar. Everyone has a unique tolerance to dairy, but you may be surprised to find out it’s causing you breakouts on and around your chin, even if you’re not remotely lactose intolerant. Refined sugar is another type of food that may people can benefit from ditching.

There are a host of problems related to it, which means you’ll feel better as well as look better when you let it go. As with dairy, you might not think you’re overly sensitive to refined sugar, but give it up for a month and see what happens. You may have a better complexion to thank for it. Most of us could all benefit from drinking a lot more water on a regular basis. Well, guess what? Being well hydrated can help break down the acne on your chin a number of ways.

Clean Your Face Regularly

Despite that earlier talk about hormones, it’s still incredibly important that you regularly clean your face, with special attention paid to the problem area, your chin.You should clean it once in the morning when you wake up, because your body has had plenty of time to take on grime and debris. Many people don’t realize how much they sweat, too, when they sleep and this oily residue can make for a chin full of bumps.

You also need to wash your face at the end of the day too, as it’s had even more time to take on all kinds of oil, dirt and residue. Some women think they can skip this step if they didn’t wear makeup that day. Don’t make this mistake. Your skin has still been exposed to a lot.

Use the Right Combination of Facial Cleansers

For some, picking the right soap and using it regularly may be enough to see acne around the mouth and chin fade away. However, most may find they need a combination of products to get the relief they desire. Recall that we mentioned there can be numerous causes behind the acne you get on your chin. You’ll be better off playing it safe by casting a wide net that could potentially hit the one causing you the issue.

Check to make sure any products you use for your chin acne contain either salicylic acid, benoyl peroxide or both. These two acne fighting ingredients are probably the best over-the-counter options you have. They work by getting down into clogged pores and helping to clean them out. A lot of acne, on your chine or elsewhere, is caused by your pores getting blocked up and the junk that gets inside them being unable to get back out.

You can end up with acne and all the inflammation that comes with it when this happens.

So don’t give up simply because you have such an annoying form of acne. While having it on your chin certainly makes it more difficult to bear, it’s still acne and thus still susceptible to the right treatments. By applying the above secrets immediately, you can expect seeing less acne on your chin in the near future.