Secrets to quick and easy toothpaste acne treatment

By | May 3, 2014

Believe it or not, toothpaste isn’t just for cleaning your teeth! Actually a very effective acne removal solution (if you know what you’re doing and have selected the right toothpaste), you should be able to use toothpaste to clear up your acne problem on a spot reducing basis with no real headache or hassle whatsoever. Obviously, you’ll want to use the tips and tricks included below to eliminate your acne effectively using toothpaste, but that’s exactly why we have put together this quick and easy to use guide. By the time you’re done reading all of this hard-hitting information, you’ll be well on your way to banishing acne from your face (or body) forever with nothing more than the right toothpaste! Let’s jump right in!

Does toothpaste work on acne elimination?

It’s going to sound a little bit crazy at first, and a lot of people out there wonder is toothpaste good for acne removal, but the very exciting truth of the matter is that it works like gangbusters!

Sure, there are still people out there that wonder just how effective a toothpaste acne removal plan can be, but the results (and many of the before and after pictures online) certainly speak volumes to just how toothpaste acnepowerful – and painless – this process can be.

Provided that you have chosen the right toothpaste and follow the information below, you’ll never have to wonder whether or not this stuff actually works.

Is toothpaste good for pimples?

Most definitely not!

Will toothpaste help me clear up my acne?

Most definitely yes! Toothpaste and acne just don’t play well together.

Make sure that you have a skin type that will “play nicely” with toothpaste

The very first thing you’re going to want to do (above all else) is make sure that your skin type is going to be able to hold up under the pressure of using toothpaste on your face on a regular basis. Those that are suffering from acne usually have oily skin types in the first place, which will not have any problem whatsoever supporting the continued use of toothpaste against acne. However, if you have the rare combination of dry or sensitive skin and acne doesn’t on your face and body, you’re going to want to be careful about how much toothpaste you use and how frequently you use it. Too much can definitely start to cause problems that go beyond curing your acne, and you may even start to cause more pimples or zits to present themselves just because of how dry or sensitive your skin really is.

It’s all about finding the right toothpaste in the first place

Secondly, you’re going to want to make sure that you are using the right toothpaste to get rid of your acne altogether.

A lot of people that have tried to use toothpaste in the past to get rid of their zits and temples have questioned whether or not it actually works, but most of that can be traced back to using the wrong toothpaste and expecting the right results.

Gel toothpastes aren’t nearly as effective as “traditional” toothpastes, and that’s what you’re going to want to look for. Even if you like to use gel toothpastes on your teeth every single day, you might want to consider purchasing a cheap (and peroxide filled) toothpaste that you can apply to your face and body to banish acne forever.

This is going to be three or four dollars well worth investing.

Always do a test run before applying it to all of the acne on your face

Before you get overly aggressive about applying your toothpaste to acne and watching as those zits and pimples fade away almost overnight, you’re going to want to do a trial run on just a few zits and pimples around your face to make sure that everything will cooperate the way you had hoped.

Use a dot or dab of toothpaste on your chin, your forehead, and maybe a couple of spots on your body just to see how different areas of your skin react to the toothpaste. You’ll want to be able to understand whether or not your skin can support the use of toothpaste against acne, but you’ll also want to see just how quickly and effectively this “homegrown” solution works firsthand.

After seeing that your skin reacts positively to the toothpaste, you’ll have the “green light” to move forward with this solution and start banishing your acne forever.

Try to use toothpaste for acne in conjunction with acne cleansers and high-powered moisturizers for best effect

toothpaste acne treatmentsFor the highest impact of a toothpaste acne solution, you’ll want to use this home remedy with powerful acne cleansers and moisturizers that you would have been using anyways.

The process that you’ll want to follow is to gently wash your face with a cleanser and lukewarm water, gently drying your face afterwards before applying your moisturizer all over your face. Giving the moisturizer about five minutes or so to really set in and soak into your skin, once that time has passed you’ll be able to start applying dabs of toothpaste to each and every one of the zits on your face.

You may want to purchase pillowcases that you do not mind getting a bit of toothpaste, and should try to sleep on your back or side if at all possible to avoid a sticky mess in the morning or when it comes time to do laundry.

The odds are fantastic that you’ll be the end impressed with just how well toothpaste works against acne, and will want to make sure you track your results with photographic proof so that you can show others that may still remain a little bit on the skeptical side.

Hopefully now you have another tool in your arsenal to combat acne, another technique you can apply each and every single night to obliterate acne altogether and make sure that it never comes back in the future!

Here is to crystal-clear skin and a picture perfect complexion!