Is Oxy Acne Treatment As Rapid As They Say?

By | May 4, 2014

Acne is by far the most common skin disease in the world. In fact, between the ages of 11 and 30, upwards o f80 percent of people will struggle with acne at least once, while most during that age group will have a long term struggle with blemishes. Because the issue is such a prevalent one, there exist and entire myriad of topical treatments, scrubs, masks, washes and lotions claiming to offer fast relief from acne. Unfortunately, those suffering from severe acne will find that a vast majority of these products will simply prove to be money wasters. This, however, in no way means there is no hope for those suffering from severe acne. Littered among the empty bottles of failed treatments, there are certainly some that can live up to their high claims. One of these is this treatment system.

How does it work?

Currently, the Oxy Acne line is one of the most popular and effective acne treatment systems available over the counter. Millions of customers purchase their spot treatment gel each year. Online forums are littered withoxy acne glowing reviews about the strength of the system and its ability to make acne vanish. Even more, the system seems to live up to its claim of results within a week. So why does the Oxy system thrive there others have failed?

Simply put, the Oxy Skin Care line is strong. The Maximum Action system has Benzoyl Peroxide, a powerful agent that fights acne by drying up the oil on the skin that actually causes blemishes. Without this excess oil, acne cannot form. Its success with existing blemishes work in exactly the same way, but by drying out the oil in the blemish itself and clearing the skin – quickly. Even more, the Benzoyl Peroxide kills the bacteria that can help acne form, slowing down the spread of acne to a crawl.

Because of the strength of the product, Oxy treatments are able to deliver on their claims of truly fast reprieve from even the most severe acne.

The Oxy Line

One of the reasons Oxy is such a popular choice in skin treatment is the wide variety of products that are offered. Many systems require multiple uses a day, something that can prove difficult to impossible depending on your schedule. However, Oxy allows a bit more flexibility.

Oxy offers two major treatment product lines: Maximum Action and Daily Defense. Among the lines include face treatment options such as the wash, cleansers and treatment pads. Each line has specific instruction on applications and usage for facial care. Some products, for example the wash and the spot treatment, can be safely combined if used according to label. But if attempting to use too much product at any given time, the users skin is simply going to dry out ad crack.

The system also offers option for acne on the body, such as the back or thighs. Oxy Acne Body Wash can offer relief to those suffering from these places.

Since the system allows such flexibility in product, users are more likely to follow the label instructions, meaning their results will often mirror the rapid treatments that made up the clinical studies of Oxy.

The Cons of the Oxy System

oxy acne washWhile certainly effective and quick, Oxy does have a couple side effects. The most common of which is its ability to dry out skin. Because of its strength, Oxy (when not used with a facial lotion) can cause a slight reddening of the skin caused by the medication’s drying results. However, the Oxy line does offer a sensitive skin option in both the Maximum Action and Daily Defense lines. This sensitive option is not as powerful as the original products but will not cause the same dryness.

Another thing to avoid while using Oxy is wiping unwashed hands on your clothes. The Oxy line can bleach clothes, causing them to gain white spots and severe color loss in places. After application, always be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before getting dressed, applying makeup or styling hair. Even a small amount missed by the human eye can be dangerous to clothing.

If, during your usage of the product your skin begins to feel rough and dry or you begin to see patches of red pop up on your cheeks, switch to the sensitive skin version. The results from the sensitive skin line are not as rapid, however, they are just as effective over time.

Ultimately, by sheer strength of ingredient, the Oxy Acne medication line works effectively and quickly. It is a very popular options for those suffering from moderate to severe acne. Even more, while it packs the punch of a prescription treatment it is available over the counter to customers at many retail stores.