Effective Quick Medication For Acne Management

By | May 4, 2014

While most of us don’t think of acne has a medical problem per se, and instead more of a cosmetic issue than anything else, nothing could be further from the truth. After all, most of the time acne is created by a bacterial infection that has taken over the pores of our skin on our face, neck, back, chest, or other areas of our body – and it needs to be effectively treated with the right medical approach (and sometimes prescription medications).

However, you need to make sure that you are using the right acne medicine for your particular needs – a process that is not nearly as simple or as straightforward as most of us would have liked. Use the information below to help guide you to the right solutions so that you can get rid of your acne without dealing with any ill effects or side effects whatsoever.

Just how bad is your acne, anyways?

The most important thing you can do (something you can do all on your own) is figure out just how severe your acne is.medication for acne

You’re going to need to be a little bit objective and dispassionate about determining the severity of your acne (after all, a single pimple the weekend of prom is going to seem like a nightmare scenario when in the grand scheme of things it may not be all that bad) to know exactly what the next step is in getting the right medication for acne to eliminate the problem.

If you can objectively say that your acne isn’t all that they had, you can probably get away with over-the-counter solutions or even face wash products or a trip to the aesthetician.

However, if your acne is chronic, consistent, and just about as out of control as it gets, you’re going to need professional assistance.

The importance of seeing a dermatologist before using any over-the-counter acne medication

Speaking with a dermatologist is always a good idea when you’re dealing with skin issues, but especially if your acne is starting to get out of control. This doesn’t just happen in our teenage years when our hormones are going crazy, but can also follow us later in life well into our adult years.

You’ll want to speak to a dermatologist even before using over-the-counter solutions, as they can tell you whether or not the ingredients within will have any impact whatsoever – and if they do, whether or not they will give you a hard time as far as side effects are concerned.

Topical acne medication solutions

Most of the time, you’re going to find that the option you are recommended is a topical acne medicine.

Coming in the form of a face wash, a cream, or some other type of topical product, these solutions use and “outside in” kind of approach to drying out and cleaning up the infected pores. Easy to use, efficient for what they do, and relatively inexpensive, these are “spot treatment” solutions that you should be able to turn to a regular basis.

Indigestible acne medication pills

If your acne is really out of control, you may be recommended internal acne medication for acne in the form of a pill that works like a superpowered anti-inflammatory and anti-infection medicine.

These antibiotics are going to actually attack the cellular bacterial issues that may be causing frequent acne flareups, and destroy their ability to reproduce. Not only is this going to help you clear up your face as far as the acne that is currently presenting is concerned, but you’ll also be able to banish it from your life forever thanks to the root cause rather than symptom approach.

All-natural acne medications

Finally, you may find success using all-natural acne medicines, though they are usually kind of “hit or miss”.

Some people swear by mixing a bit of lemon juice in a bit of water and using that as a face wash every day to keep acne away, whereas other say that you simply can’t beat tea tree oil to get rid of this that you need banished inside of 24 hours or less.

Experiment a little with these all-natural solutions (most of them have absolutely no side effects whatsoever so you can safely try as many as you are comfortable with), and if you find something that is effective you should immediately write down those all-natural acne medication names and share them with anyone that is struggling to clear up these kinds of issues!