How Laser Treatment for Acne Scars Can Help You!

By | April 12, 2014

How Laser Treatment for Acne Scars Can Help You!

At some point, we all have to deal with acne. Most of us are able to get through the worst of it when we’re teenagers. But for the majority of people, they’ll have to deal with some sort of acne when they get older too. While there are many ways to successfully rid yourself of acne, unfortunately, you can still be left with scars long after the acne itself is gone. These scars can be just as unbearable to bear in public as the actual acne. Although there are many solutions, laser treatment for acne scars may be your best bet. So if you’re currently suffering from scars left over from your days with acne, don’t give up hope. Keep reading to learn how laser treatments could be the solution you need.

How Laser Treatments Work

Although opting for a laser treatment for acne scars may seem like a big step, these days, the solution has been used so many times and refined so often that it’s actually a fairly simple procedure.

Though there are a number of different treatments that involve using a laser for acne scars, they all operate on essentially the same premise. Lasers can peel away the old, scarred skin, leaving you with new skin to take over. This works with the help of your body’s natural collagen.

The most common lasers for this procedure are either eribium: YAG lasers or those that use carbon dioxide. They burn your skin tissue, albeit in a controlled manner. Doing so reduces the depth of your current scars, making it easier for collagen to produce new skin around it that weakens their general look.

Generally, the new skin will form within about 10 days. After that, red skin can persist for another two months, before your skin fully recover. About half the time there’s a laser treatment for acne scarstemporary change in color, but that’s usually the worst of it. Infections from laser surgery for acne scars are very rare.

Who Can Provide the Service?

There is no one professional who can apply lasers to your skin in order to remove acne scars. However, dermatologists are usually the most likely candidates. No matter where you live, you probably have access to a dermatologist. However, they might not be able to provide the service.

The most important thing is finding the professional who can provide the best service. As we mentioned, not all laser treatments for removing acne scars are the same. Likewise, not all people who apply the treatment will be equally capable. It’s not like receiving the same prescription pill from any number of doctors. Applying lasers takes a great degree of skill, meaning you want only the best.

So long before you decide on the servicer, be sure you go online to read plenty of reviews about the person who will be handling the process. Don’t simply go by their website’s testimonials. Look for independent reviews by customers who aren’t receiving anything for providing their feedback (obviously, there can always be some issues there, too, so ignore any outliers).

How Much Does It Cost?

While quality needs to be the most important component to consider, cost will obviously play a role as well. Acne laser treatment cost will differ between providers as well.

You can expect to pay in the ballpark of $300 per visit and it could take a number before your scars disappear completely. So long before you sign any papers or pay for anything, be sure to ask the servicer how many visits they imagine it will take you to see the results you want. This is just like getting a quote for any other service. You’ll want it on paper right next to a quote for the cost. Don’t agree to anything until you get this part settled in writing.

Keep in mind, however, that this is largely considered a cosmetic treatment. That means insurance won’t cover it. So, for many, it will go a long way if a servicer can provide payment options to help spread out the cost.

Do Laser Treatments Hurt?

Obviously, when dealing with something like a laser on your skin, one of the major concerns is going to be the pain involved. No matter what the laser acne treatment cost, if the feeling is too painful, most people won’t do it.

Unfortunately, everyone’s pain tolerance is different and it will differ by treatment. For the most part, though, most people liken the feeling to that of a rubber band snapping against your skin several times. So, it will be painful, but shouldn’t be too much for most. Plus, compared to other services, like dermebrasion, this is far less pain to point up with. It usually doesn’t involve any blood either.

Unlike other forms of successful scar removal, though, using lasers is completely noninvasive. So you don’t have to worry about painful after effects that might come from something like plastic surgery.

How Effective Is It?

best laser treatment for acne scarsHere’s another area where you can receive a lot of help by doing a bit of your own due diligence. All laser treatments providers are different, so you’ll want to read up on how pleased their customers were with how their scars look afterward. Keep in mind the timelines mentioned above too. If someone leaves a bad review because they can still see their scars after a week, they aren’t too reliable (though they may not have been properly informed by the staff that serviced them).

Overall, their effectiveness will depend a lot on how bad your scarring is. The deeper or wider the scars, the more treatments you’ll need. However, if nothing else, all treatments should be successful at dulling the intensity of any of your acne scarring. This can go a long way in helping to rebuild your confidence and comfort in front of people.


Within the last few years, a new form of acne scars laser treatment has found popularity, mainly for its increased effectiveness and smaller waiting time to see scars disappear.

It’s known as F.A.S.T., which stands f or Focal Acne Scar Treatment. One of its major selling points is that it only takes about 15 minutes to experience and you only need it once. However, it takes about 45 minutes prior to this to apply the necessary topical treatments of lotions or cream to prepare the skin.

That’s because the minds behind focal acne scar treatment found that they could get the exact same results as traditional versions by only treating 15-20% of the skin affected by scarring.

There are practically zero side effects from going through with F.A.S.T., aside from the typical reddening. The major drawback is that it usually costs about $2,500 and, again, you can’t expect your insurance company to help out at all.

Any procedure that involves lasers is a big step that needs to be considered thoroughly for a number of reasons before taking on. However, for those who suffer from scars caused by their former acne, it’s tough to beat laser removal. On top of all the above information, you’ll want to do our own research to look into different factors unique to your situation. Otherwise, laser removal is most likely right for you.