Know the different Pimple in mouth that can affect you

By | April 27, 2015

Pimple basically refers to a byproduct of pores becoming clogged with dead skin, microscopic agents and natural oils in the body that accumulate at a given point to form a physical depression on the surface of the skin. Once it breaks out it causes an acne, this may be a result of physical manifestation, temperatures or even weakening of the walls containing the fluid.  This pimples appear in the mouth also and are basically given different names which is usually one and the same. Others called them bumps, sores or even pimples in regard to the context. Pimples in the mouth may appear in the following areas; the Bottom of the mouth, the Inner cheeks, the Gums, the Lips, and the Tongue.

They are discussed below:

Bottom of the mouth– these occur under the tongue on the floor of the mouth and sometimes extends further  near the salivary gland. It occurs in different people and its manifestation varies due to the causes. For some people it is due to allergic reaction, antidepressants, hard foods and sometimes can be related to cancer at severe cases. It causes a lot of discomfort when swallowing.

Inner cheeks-they are commonly caused by the biting of the inner cheeks which causes ‘fibroma’ or thickening of the cheek which looksKnow the different Pimple in mouth that can affect you like a pimple. Bacterial infections also cause pimples to appear in this particular area since it is prone to exposure in the buccal cavity.

Gums-they are caused by irritation from  sharptooth, Brocken tooth or even poorly fitting dentures. The resultant irritation will result to the popping up of the pimple in that particular region. Braces also cause pimples to appear if wrongly fitted and also the irritation that comes as a result. They also caused by a tooth with a nerve that died or decayed.

Pimples on the lips-they are usually found commonly on the upper lips and inner side of the  lower lips. They are caused by illnesses such as fever, biting of the lips and also temperatures.

Pimples on the tongue-these are named according to the position of the tongue where they are found.They include:

Those found  under the tongue, which become swollen and turn red during viral infection or cold to form a pimple.

Transient lingual papillitis appears on the upper surface of your tongue due to local trauma which is a result of biting or scraping the tongue. It is also caused by contact reactions to certain types of foods.

There is usually also a  growth at the tip of the tongue, which is usually caused by injury mostly the biting the tongue.

In some cases there are cold sores which are usually caused by the herpes simplex virus. They too appear in the mouth and they are very contagious. They usually begin as blisters and the crust over with time. This virus usually lives in the host for years and it is usually triggered by illnesses, stress, hormonal changes and sun exposure to cause mouth sores.

Seeking medical attention at early stages and high levels of hygiene are effective in dealing with mouth pimples.