How To Get Rid Of Zit Scars At Home

By | April 29, 2015

Zits, popularly known as the pimples, are a skin condition that most people go through at one time of the life or the other. Usually, affecting people at puberty and sometimes during adulthood, these pimples create quite a havoc in the lives of the people who are suffering from it. The red inflammations that are formed on the skin, usually on the face, look shameful and hurt self-esteem and one’s beauty. Even when they dry off and disappear, they leave behind hideous marks on the face or other areas that were affected so much so that people have been found to wear heavy makeup to hide the marks.  However, there is no need for you to do the same as simple cures exist for zit scars and most of these can be done at the home itself without spending lots of makeup and other cosmetics.  Let us take a look at a few natural products that can save you from the disgraceful zit marks:

Egg white: A very simple item like the egg white can be really useful when it comes to treating the zit scars. Applying the egg white regularly for some days will gradually lighten the marks left on the skin by the zits. 

Baking soda: This is a good way to eliminate the zit marks from the skin after the infection has reduced. Applying a paste of baking soda How to get rid of zit scars at homemixed with water can be really helpful in doing away with the scars or marks left by the zits. It acts as a micro dermabrasion agent that ideal for dealing with such marks. 

Tomatoes: The reason why tomatoes are used for removing zit scars is because they are a rich source of Vit A that is usually known for its great powers of healing the skin by removing the dead cells and helping in the growth of the skin cells which ultimately results in a rejuvenated skin with no scars being left behind. This entails that tomatoes do not pale the scars left by zits instead they help in the growth of new skin that replaces the damaged ones. 

Neem leaves or juice: A paste of neem leaves or the juice extracted from the leaves can be a great healer for the scars. It acts from deep within the skin and removes any sort of bacteria, harmful substances that may have been left within the pores of the skin. 

Fuller’s Earth: The goodness of Fuller’s Earth helps in slowly eliminating the scars left by the zits. 

Scrubbing with sugar: Sugar is an exfoliant that helps in removing the dump of dead skin cells and allows in freeing off the pores of the skin. This naturally brings about a lightening of the skin and helps to pale the scar marks left by zits. 

Olive oil: Olive is known to be the source of a large number of useful vitamins like B1, B2, C, E, D and A that are known to be good for the skin in general. When applied to the zit marks, its anti-inflammatory charecteristics help in removing the scar marks. 

Lemon: The vitamin C present in lemon assists the development of collagen. When used regularly, lime juice is a great way to reduce the darkness of the scars and over the time helps in improving the skin tone of the affected area so that scars are no more conspicuously visible.

Vinegar: Vinegar helps in peeling off the upper layer of the skin where it is applied. As a result of the old cells being replaced by the new ones, the scar marks are efficiently removed. 

In addition to the above mentioned home remedies, laser treatment can also be seen as a way to remove the zit scars in case you want a quick result. The application of laser rays removes the upper layer of the skin where the scars exist so that it can be replaced by an all new layer. One can also use various chemical peels for removing the skin layer in the affected areas. However, these methods are not suitable if you have a sensitive skin. In such cases, use the natural healers are the best way to obtain flawless skin free from zit scars.