How To Get Rid Of Pimples Marks Quick And Easily.

By | April 2, 2015

One of the main questions we get asked here are for different methods of treating pimple breakouts. In addition to this everyone wants a treatment that is cheap and easy. It is asked at least ten times a month and for whatever reason people seem to want to waste their hard earned cash on expensive treatments when there really is no need. In this post we will be taking a quick look at a number of easy to do treatments that you are able to use in the comfort of your very own home with cheap and easy to acquire items that you may even have lying around in your home anyway!

How to get rid of marks left behind by pimples?

First up we have ice, although it will not speed up the time required for the pimple to fade the direct application of ice to the pimple can reduce or How To Get Rid Of Pimples Marksprevent swelling along with reducing any redness or signs of blemishes caused by the pimple. The trick to this method is to apply ice directly to the breakout site for around one minute then removing the ice for two to three minutes to allows your skin to regulate its temperature. Then repeat the process for a maximum of five times.

Next up we have the application of aloe vera to the breakout are. This method works by killing any bacteria on the skin in the effected area. Bad bacteria on the skin could be the root cause of the pimple so killing it will not only speed up the recovery of the skin but also help reduce any marks created by the breakout. Again this is a cheap method but due to the various aloe vera brands having different strengths we recommend you use the manufactures instructions on the bottle.

Next up we have the application of evening primrose oil, just like with the aloe vera treatment it works by killing any bacteria in the effected area. In addition to this is also helps sooth the skin directly helping to reduce the marks created by the pimple breakout. There is a fair chance that the usage of evening primrose oil coupled with the usage of ice can reduce any marks in as little as a few hours. Again different brands have different strengths so we recommend you use the guidelines on the bottle.

Finally we will take a look at witch hazel and its ability to assist the human skin with its ability to health. Research has suggested witch hazel has the ability to increase the speed of our skins natural healing abilities by slightly over 300%! There are two general types of witch hazel treatment on the market, one is an actual clipping of the witch hazel plant that is to be cut open to allow its sap to leak and then rubbed onto the area of the breakout. The other is a premade solution that is to be added to water and then applied directly to the area with the use of a cotton bud or tissue.

We hope this quick and easy post has helped you understand your situation and help you treat your condition both quickly and easily. If one method does not provide you with the results you require quick enough the it maybe an idea to consider stacking one of the treatments side by side with the ice based one. This will help speed up results. If this still does not provide results fast enough then you may have to seek professional help from a pharmacist for pharmaceutical grade treatments that can sometimes be costly. 

If you do feel the need to try out a pharmaceutical grade treatment then we recommend you go to your local pharmacist and purchase a tube of sudocrem. Although it may cause additional flaring on people with sensitive skin it has the ability to assist with the reduction of any marks generated from pimple breakouts with out any major problems on the vast majority of people. It is also alot cheaper than the majority of the speciallist treatments.