How to get rid of pimple fast and cheaply

By | June 7, 2015

Your skin is your best protection. It protects you from the elements which are harmful for your body and may cause many infections and diseases. If it has gone ugly, what would you do to help it in this difficult moment in an effective and quick way so that you may be saved from the horror that it brings with itself. Would you go for chemicals and scrub? The point here is that it is not the fault of your epidermis, which got you in stress and anxiety of having the pimple on your beautiful skin. Most the pimples are because your hormones produce sebum which clog the pores and make it difficult for the skin to breathe or the second reason for these ugly pimples is the bacteria. Almost everyone has the pimples on his skin either in adult age or teenage. But the secret is that mostly they appear and vanish after some days themselves. The dreadful situation is when they last for long periods that may be indicative of some chronic age. But they are surely curable and it is suggested to see the dermatologist in such cases.

Ways to get rid of pimples quickly:

Here are some of the ways explaining how to get rid of pimple fast and cheaply.

Apple cider vinegar: it has been observed as a powerhouse in treating the acne and pimple.  It has an alkaline nature which balances the PH of the skin, making it harder for the bacteria to live, thus killing them and stops further harm to your skin. It has also the ability to dry the excess oils of your skin. But this must not be applied more than 3 times a day as overdoing this  will make your skin much drier and sebaceous glands will try to compensate  the reduction by overproducing the oils, which may result in an outbreak.

Directions: get your face washed with warm water and dry it with some clean cloth. Make a solution containing 3 parts of water and 1 part of vinegar. Dip the cotton ball into it and apply on the pimple. Leave it for almost 10 minutes. For better results it can be left over the night and can also be applied several times in a day. Wash it and make the skin dry. But do apply moisturizer on your skin after washing it with water.

Honey and cinnamon mask: they both make a killer combination when used against the pimples or acne. Honey is sticky and cinnamon ishow to get rid of pimple fast spicy. Cinnamon also has the antimicrobial properties; while honey is an antibiotic. The microbial action kills the bacteria while honey also wipes the residue.

Direction: wash your face with warm water. Add 2 tablespoons honey in 1 teaspoon of cinnamon blend them to form a paste. Apply it on your face and wait for at least 15 minutes. Rinse and dry with clean cloth.

Milk and honey; there has been a hike about the bad effects of dairy product because of extra hormones in it, but this is true only when they are ingested. The milk helps in reducing the redness of skin and even tones and soothes the irritated skin. Even the Cleopatra used to have milk baths. Instead of milk, yogurt may also be used as it  is anti-bacterial and the fats included help in the prevention of fry skin, making it moisturizer for your skin

Direction: Mix one tablespoon of honey with one tablespoon of milk or yogurt. The mixture can be applied with the help of cotton pad and can also be applied with the hands as patting. Make a mask by applying the two or 3 layers or as thick as you want. For this you have to allow a layer to dry before applying the next. Use warm water and a wash cloth to remove it from your skin. Once finished moisturize it well.

Egg whites: The eggs are full of proteins and vitamins that combat acne and also help in skin cell rebuilding. They are also affordable and easy to be used. Egg whites soak up the excess oils, removing the excess sebum thus providing less stuff for bacteria to feed on. But they can make your skin dry too.

Directions: wash your face with warm water and dry using a clean towel. Take 2 -3 eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. Whisk the whites to make a paste and apply it on your face, focusing the points of pimples. Apply 3-4 Layers by allowing the layers to dry for 15 v-20 minutes, rinse the same after 20 min and dry it using a soft cloth. Do apply moisturizer over it.

Papaya: papaya is the ingredient of many beauty products, but you need not to go a long way to get the benefit of this natural beauty product. Papaya is helpful in removing the dead skin cells and excess lipids from the outer part of the skin. It makes the skin soft and smooth. Papain is an enzyme in papaya which reduces the inflammation and helps prevent pus from forming.

Direction: rinse the face with water and dry it. Make the mesh of papaya until it can be easily applied on the skin. After applying leave it for 15 -20 min and rinse with water. If the skin gets dried you can use the moisturizer to tone it.

Orange peel paste: oranges are well known for its high potency of vitamin C which helps in the growth of new cells and also boost your immune cells. The skin also tastes them as the taste buds. It has also proven its effectiveness in making the skin refreshing and rejuvenating.

Directions: you would need 2 oranges and some warm fresh water. Clean your face with warm water and dry it using a wash cloth. Using the blender to grind the orange peel and add some water in it to make a thick paste. Once you are ready with this, apply it on your skin for 20-25 minutes. Rinse it off using warm water and dry. Do apply some moisturizer.

Tea tree oil: tea tree oil is known for skin acne specially acne. It is not like the oil that your body produces, it is the one which absorbs the extra sebum and dead skin cells an also open the clogged pores. Whereas the antibacterial properties kills the bacteria that cause pimples and acne.

Directions: teat tree oil are good for the application on the skin, but should never be ingested 

To apply it on the pimple wash your face with warm water. Mix 1 part of oil and 9 part of water. Dip the cotton in mixture and soak it on the problem areas. The stronger solution must be avoided in a start, however, for rapid results in the concentration may be increased, but that must be a rapid process. But it should never be applied undiluted. Another method of making the solution is mixing it with aloe Vera gel rather than water.

Honey and strawberry: although honey and strawberries are best for the skin related problem. Honey is antibacterial and strawberry is high in salicylic acid, which is a good source for the opening of clogged pores, encourages the skin to shed dead cells  and also neutralize bacteria while encourages growth of new cells.

Directions: after washing the face with warm water, apply the mixture of honey and blended strawberries for 20 minutes. For making the solution, mesh 3 strawberries and mix it with 2 teaspoon of honey. Rinse off the mixture with warm water and dry with soft cloth. For better result, use this method twice a week.

Banana peel: banana peels are also rich in benefits. The peel is full of lutein which is an extremely strong antioxidant. This is beneficial for the reduction of swelling and inflammation. It also helps the growth of healthy cells.

Directions: banana can be eaten and their peels are good for the skin. Take the peel and apply it on the face by the circular motion. After applying, wait for 30 minutes and then rinse with water.

Aloe Vera: you can use the aloe Vera plant in your house to cure the acne problem; it does not act as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial but also helps in the reduction of redness and swelling. 

Direction: after washing the face dry it and use your fingertips to apply on the face or directly to the infected area or pimple.