How To Get Rid Of A Zit Overnight

By | April 27, 2015

Today when everyone is striving to make their lives perfect, both socially and professionally, it is important that the start of each day should be the way one likes. The personality and the charm that a person carries through the entire day depends a lot on the way his or her days have begun. Of course it will not start on a positive note if one wakes up to look into the mirror to find the face covered with red and inflamed breakouts. These breakouts not only make one lose his confidence, but are themselves quite irritating and exposure to dirt and pollution throughout the day can prove to be more harmful and cause spread of these zits. Zits are mainly caused due to clogging of excessive skin oils in the skin pores causing the growth of bacteria that cause the skin eruptions. However, these zits can be removed if seen forming the previous night by the application of some very household yet effective methods. The methods are easy, but it should be kept in mind that by living a healthy lifestyle will definitely go a long way in preventing the overall formation of zits on the face.

Ice Technique to get rid of a zit overnight.This is probably the oldest and the most widely used method to get rid of zits fast. Ice should be applied on the affected are wrapped up in a cloth slowly and in frequent intervals to get rid of oil, dirt and residue from these parts. The ice reduces the irritation and the swelling of these portions. 

Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment. Light concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide has been proved to be a very effective treatment against the zits as it destroys any bacterial formation underneath the skin that might have caused the zits. The main factor in the cause of zits is the formation of bacteria. However, the concentration of the peroxide needs to be light as it may cause damage to the skin if used concentrated.

Lemon Treatment The high content of vitamin c in natural and fresh lemon juice has been established to be an effective anti-inflammatory substance that can be used to get rid of zits fast.

Honey Treatment. Honey contains very effective anti-oxidants as well as antibacterial substances. The use of honey mixed with a bit of How to get rid of a zit overnightwarm water, if applied at frequent intervals on the affected areas can prove to be very helpful in removing the zits overnight. The automatic healing effects of honey are by far the most effective method sin this aspect.

Toothpaste Treatment. Non-mint based toothpastes are very helpful in the healing of many skin problems. One can apply toothpaste (white only) on the affected areas after following the ice treatment. To get the best results it is to be left till the morning and then washed gently with water.

Steam Treatment. A very natural method to method used for the removal of excessive oils from the skin and in turn reduce the zits fast is the steam treatment. Steam removes the oils and thus prevents the formation of bacteria. Steam can be applied by holding the face over some hot water and letting the steam to clean out the oil from the pores.

Salicylic Acid Treatment. Salicylic acid is as effective as peroxide treatment in the removal of zits. The anti inflammatory properties make it a good choice. However, excessive use can cause more skin irritation.

Aspirin Treatment. Grounded aspirin can be used to prepare a paste with water and applied over the affected area and left overnight. The anti-inflammatory and the antibacterial effects of aspirin reduces the irritation and the visibility of the pimples by morning.

Tea Tree Oil Treatment. Tea tree oil is very effective in the killing of bacteria and microbes that penetrate the skin to form the zits. Due to the antibacterial substances found in tea tree oil it greatly reduces the formation of bacteria and helps in the removal of the zits overnight if applied with a soft cotton ball on the affected areas.

Face-pack Treatment.Sandalwood, clay and Aloe Vera face-packs can be applied over the entire faced and left overnight to get reduced zits in the morning

It should be kept in mind that the removal of zits is easy, but the prevention is easy. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle like regular exercise, drinking lots of water and maintaining personal hygiene can prevent the formation these zits. One should avoid drinking, picking pimples and touching the face too often to avoid the formation of zits. Also the consumption of a balanced and low glycemic diet helps in the prevention of zits. So it can be seen that these zits that tend to be a nightmare for our daily lives are easy to get rid of, that also only by some simple methods. 

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