How To Get Rid Of A Pimple On Your Lip Fast?

By | June 6, 2015

Pimple is an irritating thing for all, especially for the adolescents and the young generation. Pimples on oily or dry skin are nasty and unwelcome. These are caused by the accumulation of grime and sebum in your holes. If the pimple grows in your lips, it will be a very disgusting thing to bear. The lip pimples hurt too much and are way worse than the acne marks on an individual’s face. Firstly, it is the reason for too much irritation and secondly it can change the looks of human. Most of the people want relief from it, but it is not so easy to get a rescue from it. It is a very frustrating thing to have on one’s own face. This is one such thing that everyone has hated every time they had had this issue, even if it’s just once. They are simply ugly, obnoxious and any other word that you may guess to describe their troublesome nature.

There are many reasons why pimples are formed in the face or lips. There are many national and multinational companies that are producing various kinds of chemical and herbal medication, lotion, cream, oil but it is not a very easy job to win against such kinds of thing like the pimple. Everybody wants to know how to get rid of a pimple on your lip? In most cases, the pimples are found to plague the cheeks but the occurrence of it on the lip is quite uncommon. Pimples can be treated by many things like medications, peels, collagen injections, and laser therapy. But with their exorbitant charges and occasionally opposing effects, particularly done when in a moneymaking salon and spa, it is quite confusing for people to decide on what is good for them. The causes of pimples on your lip and the solution for them are quite a matter of debate.  We try to find out here some main reasons and their solutions.

Changes in daily routine

We do not think that our lifestyle would be a cause of pimple on lip. We take food many times in a day, but we don’t think that this would be a how to get rid of a pimple on your lipreason to develop a pimple, especially on our lips. If we don’t wash out our mouth after taking food that would be a proper ground to develop bacteria in the mouth. If the mouth is affected by the bacteria, your lips are sure to be affected in the course of time and the pimple will be found in the lips in a short time. So if we wash out our mouth after taking food in the right way; it can give us a pimple free lip. Smoking is another cause for the pimples on our lips. Alcoholism increases the likelihood to develop lip pimples. 

Food like fast food, oily food, high protein containing food like mutton; these types of food enhance the ground to develop a pimple. If we can just avoid these things we can lead a pimple free life. Drinking a sufficient amount of water can relieve you from the pimple because the sufficient amount of water washes out the ingredients which are the causal agents of pimples. Insufficient sleep increases the tension, anxiety and mental pressure which may be the reason for triggering pimple breakouts. So a healthy sleep every day can reduce the chances of a pimple. Regular bath decrease the chances of a pimple. 

Washing away the dirt and oil from the face and lip region regularly can help remove dead skin layers. These things create the blockages in the pores and create pimples. Wash your face as much as possible daily with the normal water, it can be helpful to avoid pimples. If you get some time in the evening, wash your face with a mild cleaning product. Washing your face in the evening daily helps to remove any additional oils and bacteria and it helps you to reduce pimple. Fats from your hair could be the cause of pimple. In addition, change your pillow cover twice in a week. 

The fats which come in contact with the lips and face via the pillow cover are really obnoxious and filthy and cause the pimples. People having long hair should try making ponytails or pigtails. Do not use your nails or any other technique to reduce a pimple. It is a very dangerous thing to do and it causes major infection to your lips. Avoid picking at the affected area as much possible because there will be a spread of microorganisms all through your face.

Lip pimples can be caused during the time of sex. Exercise keeps your blood circulation excellent and a good circulation system also helps to keep your lip pimple free. Try to avoid the use of various kinds make up things like facial, various kinds of lotion/cream/oil or lip gloss/lip oil which can reduce pimple. 

Moreover, there are many things are responsible for a pimple. Imbalance of hormones during the various stages of aging can cause pimples on your lips. Maximum women get the pimples on the lips during the maternity period due to the changes in hormonal secretion. During the adolescence period there is a higher chance of pimples due to changes in the hormone secretion. People who have oily skins are found to suffer from more pimples on their lips and face compared to other types of skin. If you have got an oily type skin, this could be the reason that you are most affected by the pimple.

Some methods to apply

Brush the pimple every week, mildly removing away the first coating of dead skin cells from your pimple which are gathered on top of the skin of pimple. Clear the dead skin for a fresh new layer of skin and you can find pimple-free skin. When you take a bath, you can do a mild wash to take care of your lips, but not to cleaning very hard. If you wash with some cool water and clean your face well and mildly scrub, it is useful for reducing pimple. If you try to clear the pimple as fast as you can, then start to use the ordinary solutions like banana peelings.  Banana peelings are very helpful in decreasing the size the pimples. 

Mildly scrub a few banana peelings over the affected area and also try to put the banana peelings with a low amount of salt, a tablespoon of maple treacle and a teaspoon of vinegar mix together and blend. Place it on your face including lips and keep it for about 8 minutes. Wash your face with a mild face wash and dry your face in the air. Antioxidants are very much useful to recover from the pimple. Green tea contains lots of antioxidants. You can use one or two green tea bags in hot water depending on the number of pimples you have on your face or lips. If they are too many in number use two, if few in number then use one. After a few minutes take away the green tea bags from the hot water and use the liquid for the affected area.

Tomato contains some kinds of acid that can decrease and dehydrate the pimple. The acid repairs the holes of pimples and fights against bacteria. Put one slice of the tomato on one side of the face, and take another for the other side of your face. Use vapor to reduce your pimple. Vapor opens up the clogged up pores and permits the elimination of grime and bacteria from the pimples. This can help to cut down the swelling and stop the development of new pimples which could be on their way. If the lip pimples are utterly distressing, try to put on a small piece of ice on every single pimple for 20 minutes. This can help in reducing the inflammation. 

Popping open your pimples is the fast way to get rid of pimples. Only pustules and spots should be popped. Frequently use hygienic products and ensure that you have your hands and fingers washed before you crack your lip pimples. 

We can use Turmeric; it contains anti-bacterial and antifungal elements that can help to clear the face of the pimples. With the turmeric, add some drops of coconut oil and make a turmeric paste. Apply this paste all over the pimples as it can help you to recover from the pimples. If you get some turmeric powder and mix with little amount of lime or cucumber fluid and apply over the pimples; it offers just the same benefit that you want. Take a little amount of turmeric and mix up with one teaspoon paste of sandalwood, and three teaspoons of orange juice. Mix-up the elements completely and apply onto the face as like a mask for 15 to 20 minutes. This mask is very much effective in reducing rid of the pimples naturally. Turmeric controls the sebaceous glands and protects them from making too much oil. 

Sandalwood also has great natural antiseptic properties that can destroy the pimple causing bacteria. Pure orange juice contains the vitamin C and is established to relieve the marks. Honey is also used as an agent basically to dominate the bacterial agents from the centuries. It’s also a great humectants, which has amazing power that can control the water from air molecules and retain them in the skin. Try to use pure the honey, not high fructose corn syrup likely referred to as honey. Apply honey all over the face and leave it on for 20 minutes, when it becomes dry then wash it with normal water mildly. Try to carry out the treatment minimum three times in a week for the best outcomes. 

Breakdown an egg and take its white fluid which is called albumin from its yellow part or yolk. Use the white fluid or albumin on the face like as a mask. Try to completely dry out it the open air. Then wash out the mask with a little bit of warm water. Use it on the face twice in a day, once must before going to sleep. The white fluid or the albumen of the egg is a drying agent and  that dries out the pimple and make tighter the pores. 

The sea salt that is obtained from vaporized seawater is also ideal. It contains the coagulated enzymes and minerals from the sea. Sea salt contains antibacterial features that allow lesions to resolve faster and avoid infections. It can also enrich the skin to make it soft and charming. To use sea salt, you can add a teaspoonful  of it to warm water and wash the face with this solution for two to three minutes, then wash the face with a little bit of warm water. Or make a paste by mixing up with a few drops of normal water on a nip of salt. Blob this on the specific pimple or marks to dry out the pimples. Be careful to use it because it contains alkaline properties and it can dry out the skin very much. 

Try to keep your face or lip skin fresh. It may be essential to wash it minimum once per day. If you get any kinds of food or drink on your skin, you must wash it once more. Permitting the dirt to continue to be on the skin can create of contamination. Take a piece of wet cloth or towel with warm water and add a drop of beauty treatment soap. Lightly and smoothly massage it over the face. 

Wash out the soap from the face by plopping with a little bit of warm water. Dry out the pimple on the lips or face with a piece of dry soft cloth or towel, but never scrub. Try to use an antibacterial agent. Take a little amount on your finger and scrub this on to your pimple minimum twice in a day. It stops your pimples from being become infectious, getting rid so fast that you want. It can also prevent the marks that are left over. Never pick the layer of the pimple, if you do it, then a new layer forms in its place.