How To Extract Blackheads With Convenience?

By | April 29, 2015

Tested numerous natural ways to deal with blackheads? But didn’t get the desired results? Time to use some action! Read this article and learn how to extract blackhead using hands or tools and how to prevent them from coming again. Blackheads are clogged up pores and are open to the skin. They form due to the combination of sebum, keratin and bacteria and often can lead to a disgusting face appearance that will destroy your self-esteem and make your life a sad one. Experts suggest to take a bath with warm water before extracting blackhead as the increased temperature will open the pores and soften the plug and blackheads will come out with ease. First of all, clean your skin by using a mild cleanser this will aid in your squeezing. Wear latex gloves to enhance grip, wrap a tissue around each index finger. Position the fingers on each side of the blackhead. Squeeze and stretch the pore gently for a couple of times to ease up the pore and then squeeze with a little pressure. If it comes out, wipe it with a tissue if not, don’t fight the nature as the black head won’t be ready to come out.

In order to extract a blackhead present on the nose the technique changes a little. Cleanse the nose or keep a warm washcloth over it to open up the pores. Wear the equipment mentioned above. This time instead of two index fingers, use a thumb and index finger. Position the thumb on one side of the pore and index finger of the same hand on the other side, squeeze and stretch.

Guide to a Blackhead Extractor Tool:

A Blackhead Extractor Tool is about the size of your hand and is not a heavy and gigantic tool. It is made of stainless steels and consists ofHow to extract blackheads with convenience? two loops on each end. It works manually, the bigger loop targets the whole plug while the smaller loop targets one blackhead. Keep the loop on the blackhead and create pressure from one side and extract it out. Sometimes you don’t need to apply much pressure, just a little squeeze works too.

How to prevent blackheads from coming back?

Use a toner and dab it on the areas where there were blackheads. When blackheads come out they allow you to see open pores, these pores can fill up with dirt again and can cause blackheads again so to avoid that use salicylic acid. It will go deep down and clean your pores, therefore pores will shrink and will not clog up.

In order to refine open pores use astringent, these pores will then get eased up and pacify. Do not expect to close your pores as a pore never closes even after producing hair. Lemon juice can work as an astringent but be careful, do not apply lemon juice in its pure form, mix it with water first then apply to the respective area. Rub it until it dries because if it stays there in liquid form it might cause a burn.