How To Cure Pimples Overnight At Home

By | June 6, 2015

Nothing is so frustrating as to spot a huge pus-filled pimple smiling from one’s forehead. However, instead of going about squeezing that monster off the face there are several tips on how to cure it overnight. However unorthodox or civilized it may seem, it is something to help you. Everyone from teenagers to adults suffers from pimples and acne and they know the perfect time to pop up! Really annoying.Always wash your face before going to bed. Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser designed to gently lift dirt, oil and dead skin without excessive drying of the facial cells. Avoid using harsh soaps like detergent soaps designed to remove oil and dirt from textiles.If getting a cleanser sponge is not easy, your kitchen must have something useful; baking soda. Baking soda is a natural cleanser and can lift away excess dirt and oil. By mixing baking soda and water to make a paste, you get your cheap homemade face scrub. First clean the area with the pimples first, then scrub your face with the paste gently. Remember, too much washing of the face can cause your skin to dry out and this convinces your body to produce excess oil, which can lead to further pimple breakouts and this time it could be a horrible breakout!

Always keep your face moisturized. After patting dry, the face needs to be kept moisturized to prevent cracking of the skin giving a scaly look. Apply moisturizers that are hypoallergenic that will not clog your pores hence allow the skin to breathe.

Curing a pimple overnight does not require rocket science. Another way to kill that ugly, painful monster is to get help from toothpaste. Apply how to cure pimples overnighta small dab of any toothpaste to the problem pimple. Ensure it completely covers the pimple and then put a small band aid over it. This shortens the lifespan of the pimple and absorbs the redness and causes the swelling to go down by the time you wake up. Well, this method does not have a permanent solution to the pimple problem but it is very effective to cure pimples overnight. 

Castor oil is gentle but effective. You would not need to wash your makeup off first. Applying castor oil to your face quickly throws the pimples away. 

Other tips on how to cure pimples overnight include: 

Soak some springy washcloth in boiling water and place it on the area on your face with pimples. Leave it until it cools. This will help reduce the swelling and also remove the pus.

The foods one eats are a big contributing factor to the occurrence of pimples or lack of them. Eating lots of vegetables, pulses, and salads, fresh fruits make your blood clean and hence pimples are hard to sprout out often.

Another option is to make a face scrub from lemon juice, yoghurt honey and garlic. Make a glue of 1 teaspoon yoghurt, 1 teaspoon of natural honey, a little garlic and another teaspoon of lemon juice. Rub the glue on your pimples and leave for 20 -30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. This quickly cures the chronic pimples. 

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of natural water every day. Water is a very essential element in our bodies. It not only helps in digestion but also acts as an antioxidant and cleanses our blood and body generally. By keeping the body hydrated all the time, water helps keep the skin toned and hence pimple free.

Face yoga and general body yoga are a great help to getting rid of pimples. A 10 minute yoga workout quickens ones metabolic function, hence helping the body to quickly dispose of toxins and therefore getting rid of pimples.

Acne is caused when the skin pores are blocked by the excess oil being produced by the subcutaneous glands and leads to inflammation and bacterial infection. A fast, simple cure is to drink herbal water.

A homemade mixture of cucumber juice, lettuce and carrot juice is also a very effective and the perfect cure for acne.

To prevent the skin from forming pimples an herbal remedy of fenugreek seed could be a good choice. Boil a full teaspoon of fenugreek seed in a liter of water for about 5 to 10 minutes. This water is used as a facial cleanser. It is applied at night and used to wash the face.

For dry skin, almond oil can be very useful. Apply the almond oil together with grounded fenugreek leaves before going to bed. This prevents pimples from popping out and is a good overnight cure for acne.

Drinking a glass of orange juice daily is very helpful in removing pimples. Avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea as these can bring about chronic pimples.

Other simple methods you can use to cure a pimple overnight at home includes covering the pimple with a paste made of yeast and tea tree oil, and covering it with a paste made of a crushed aspirin and water.

For an even quicker cure that doesn’t take all night, dab your pimple with salt water to dry it out, then cover the pimple with honey for 10 minutes. The honey will draw out the impurities from deep within the pimple and shrink it.

If your acne worsens or you have a more severe acne condition, it is wise to seek out a doctor’s opinion.

But it is important to ask yourself are there many treatments that will work overnight and fast and be safe as well? This is where one needs to be cautious, because they must fathom the one thing about curing of pimples overnight and fast and that is the cause of the pimples is not the outside, but the inside.

You actually need to consider long term solutions to your problem with pimples or blackheads or whiteheads. Altering certain things and being aware of hormonal changes and other causes of acne will get you on the right track to finding a long term solution to cure your pimples.