How Do Pimples Form? A Detailed Study!

By | April 28, 2015

Pimples are small hard papule or skin lesions that are physically visible on the skin that are usually a result of sebaceous glands being infected by disease causing microorganisms mostly the bacteria, upon the infection, they swell up and then end up being filled up with pus. Their formation is influenced by the following factors below though they cannot be transferred from one person to another because they are not infectious in nature; Pimples form through the following: Hormones- they also partake in the formation of pimples and especially in relation to the hormone testosterone which is usually found naturally between men and women. It has the function of stimulating sebaceous glands to produce less or too much sebum depending with the situation among other functions. When this hormone stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce too much sebum, the situation result to the clogging up of dead cells of the skin, which also leads to the blocking of the skin pores. This blocking leads to accumulation of natural oil on the surface of the skin that result in the formation of pimples.

Certain types of food-These refers to foods that are rich with higher levels of glycemic index and higher glycemic foods which have a direct or indirect effect on the level of blood sugar of a person. A higher blood sugar level stimulates the accumulation of fats and oils in the body that are accumulated and stored at a given point in the body. This accumulation forms a physical depression on the surface of the skin that are eventually pimples.

Dairy products-this range of food products has a certain level of fats within them due to their nature. They include cheese, milk, butter, How do pimples form? a detailed studyyogurt and ice cream. The fat content in these products directly affects the level of fats in the body and the more the level of fats the higher the formation of pimples in an individual.

Dead skin and oil-The dead skin accumulates beneath the skin and when it becomes excess it gets trapped within the pores of the skin with the oil. This trapping within the pores results in the formation of pimples.

Genetics-People differ when it comes to the general make up of the skin, this affects and brings about the difference in the structure of the pores. Genetics affects conditions of the skin that is how dry or oily the skin is.This condition affects the rate at which an individual gets pimples.

Stress-this process is determined or brought about by the condition of an individual. Upon stress the body activates adrenal glands that result in the production of adrenal. The produced adrenaline enables the sebaceous glands to form another sebum therefore increasing the sebum content in the body that translate to the formation of pimples.

Hygiene-thismajorly  deals with the frequency of skin cleaning. Regular washing and cleaning reduces the accumulation of sebum and oil that results while poor hygiene promotes the accumulation of oil and sebum, a factor that leads to the formation of pimples.

Skin products and makeup-some skin products meant for beauty and other purposes usually react with the skin due to chemical content. The reaction results in the formation of pimples. Some make up activities contain products that accumulate within the pores which later result in the formation of pimples.