Are There Really Foods that Cause Acne?

By | April 9, 2014

Are There Really Foods that Cause Acne?

Food and acne, is there really a connection?  Does the food that we eat directly correlate to those annoying bumps, spots and blemishes that appear on our skin or is there another reason lurking below the surface of our skin? We hope this article will help you understand the question are there foods that cause acne?

There is a lot of misinformation available on the web or traveling around as old wives tales that when you eat a certain type of food you will end up with acne.

Let’s get to the bottom of this discussion and determine if there is really a food that causes acne.

Develop an understanding of acne

There are many names for the red spots that we see on our skin from zits to pimples and even blackheads but regardless of what they are called it falls under the skin condition of acne.  Acne typically first appears when people reach the years of puberty when bodies start to undergo hormonal changes and produce more oil on the skin.  The oil in combination with bacteria, dirt, debris and dead skin cells begin to clog the spores and giving a chance for infection to start in the pore.  The skin becomes irritated and infected and then the visible signs of acne appear.

Good skin care is essential in managing acne including regular cleansing and managing any acne that appear with a treatment plan appropriate for the individual’s skin type.  But what if there was a way to control acne by the foods that we eat?  Wouldn’t it be easier to maintain clear skin from the inside out?  Are there foods that cause acne?

Control acne by knowing what foods to eatfoods that cause acne

Knowing what food causes acne is not a simple and straight forward proposition.  There are very little clinical studies available that show a direct correlation between foods and occurrence of acne.   Acne is not caused by specific foods but the foods that we eat can influence whether or not we develop acne.  Each food brings certain chemicals into our bodies and our bodies respond to these chemicals both good and bad.  We have to eat to survive but by picking the appropriate foods we can limit the occurrence of acne and have clearer skin.

We hope as you are reading this you are starting to understand the answer to the question are there really foods that cause acne?

Proteins, meat and dairy products


Meats are dairy products have many benefits when eaten and are part of a balanced diet because they contain necessary proteins and calcium that is needed for muscle and bone health.  Lean meats and low-fat dairy products have many health benefits when eaten in moderation and in the correct portions.  The disadvantages to these products are not the product themselves but the chemical residuals that stay in them from mass production techniques.  Cows received regular doses of hormones and antibiotics that linger in both milk and meat after processing.  These hormones get into our bodies and can have the same influence on our system as the hormones our bodies produce such as triggering production of oil on the skin and the resulting acne that can follow.

Seafood products and spinach leaves

Seafood is known for containing iodine and so is spinach.   These are two types of foods that cause acne because of the chemical iodine. This chemical has been proven in clinical studies to cause acne but not everyone will instantly develop acne when they eat these products but some people are more sensitive than others.  If you have acne problems then reducing your intake of these foods may help reduce how often acne occurs.

Processed foods and acne control

Processed foods are all around us and when you walk into any grocery store we are bombarded with advertisements for processed foods.  But processed foods are just that, processed.   No one sees potato chips being pulled from the ground and we have yet to see fields full of cookies. These foods have been taken from their natural form and mixed with chemicals and preservatives to bring them to your local grocery store.  The average person consumes processed foods every day, often in excessive amounts in one sitting.  Large amounts of these chemicals in processed foods can become toxic to your body and your liver must continuously break down these additives it leaves behind some toxins in your body and toxins can initiate an acne outbreak.  Besides these toxins there is also iodine in the salt that is added to them as well.  Limiting or eliminating processed foods can help reduce acne as this is one food that cause acne.

Limit consumption of refined sugar

foods that cause acneOne more food for acne elimination is refined sugar.  Refined sugar is produced from sugar cane and sugar beet syrup which is broken down through numerous boiling, washing and centrifuging processes and then separated out to get sucrose.  The final processing step for refined sugar is to bleach and filter.  The result is highly refined sugar that can impact how the body manages blood sugar naturally in the body.

Refined sugars are found in everything from sodas to breads, candies and desserts.  Refined sugars cause our bodies to react and produce insulin and testosterone.  The additional hormone production is already known to increase the occurrence of acne but there is also insulin imbalance that is created.  When blood sugar fluctuates with quick highs and lows it triggers hormone production in the body and the resulting acne problems that result.  If you maintain a level blood sugar level in the body by severely limiting or eliminating these foods altogether it will go a long way in stopping acne problems on the skin.

In conclusion, there are known causes of acne which are the combination of oils, dirt, debris and bacteria on the skin and excess oil is produced when there are excess hormones in the body.  If we eat the foods that can trigger production of hormones then we are creating an environment in the body where acne can form.  If we control the amount of certain foods that we eat then there is a chance to control acne by keeping certain foods in our diet and eliminating others. We hope this article has helped you understand the question Are there really foods that cause acne.