This Is The Fasted Way To Get Rid Of A Pimple

By | June 6, 2015

Around 90% of teens are not save from pimples this because of the hormonal change they have to face and it is mainly because a lot of oil produced and it start to cause your skin pores to clog leading to the production of whiteheads pimples. Well you can say it is mainly because of bacteria from air attract and cause a skin allergy pimple infection. If you watch it carefully when you get stressed up from some work or you are sweaty. This horrible stress can come from many forms and for teenagers in common, when they are meeting a crush or preparing for a date for instance can also cause stress and so on excessive oil on skin or face is again is produced. Mainly when you wake up the following morning and feel a big red pimple forming on your nose and sometimes it hurts too. Rather then you get panicked and do anything stupid on your nasty looking pimple, you better consider a few thing. The thing which is “stress” as it was mentioned above earlier right?

The acne infection is a no-touch zone and above anything else your fingers and the hands are the main sources of the bacteria mainly. Mainly the bacteria on face and the oil and especially the dead skin may cause more pimples on your face which is terrible and this nobody want to happen ever. With that thought keeping in mind, the popping of it and it will surely leave a scar on your face and they last for long time and the swelling won’t leave either, so a big red spot will still remain. Sometimes, a whitehead will return and your skin problem is back. Not the mention the scar you have already created on your face. Keep in mind that these kinds of scars are permanent damage and the only way it can be fixed is to go for your face surgery which is way out too much. So it is very important for anyone that scars from pimples should be avoided at all because otherwise it’s not good for you.

Here an advice that by washing your face with mild soap always helps clear up the dirt from your face and makes your face feel very fresh. Well one still recommend that not washing your face, especially when your eyes are so tired, quiet too much stressed and heavy. It was not good to get glasses to improve my eye sight because of washing eyes right after driving for long hours. The sharp bright lights at night when driving made so much stress to my eyes and my head. 

Have you ever noticed that the red bump forming on skin of the face, and you have to reduce the redness and harshness and that pain and fastest way to get rid of a pimpleswelling to make it appear little less noticeable? A very simple method or you may say a trick to do this is by wrapping ice cubes with a foil or cloth and applying it on the affected and effected area. Ice is always a good idea because it reduces the blood flow on a pimpled skin thus reducing the redness quiet for some time. Well however as you know, it also help the healing process so it is highly useful not to apply the ice for a very long period of time but it works.

Sometimes you feel like you have tried all the things when it comes to getting rid of an annoying pimple and how ridiculous it looks sometimes. But in this article I’m going to discuss with you some easy and unique methods on fastest way to get rid of a pimple.

1. Pour a pinch of baking soda into a bowl with some water and mix with it until you have a paste in bowl. Now you have to rub this paste on your pimple carefully and let it sit for a few minutes maybe twenty minutes wait might sounds fair, now you should apply the paste. Follow this method for removing pimple fast by baking Soda and make it shinny and also helps to clear the dead skin and also helps to loosen blackheads and red dots (which has turned into pimples)!

2. There’s another method in which you apply a small amount of plain house toothpaste to your nasty red pimple and when it dry in few minutes it will good to go and surely going to relieve the redness and swelling and can also help to work in days or night.

Avoid the urge and that inner desire to pop it because it could make your face look really bad as it may leave you with a scar on the pop place of pimple permanently.

3. There is a method to reduce the redness of the pimple by applying ice to the infected space every thirty to forty minutes sharp. And make sure you keep pressing the pimple while holding the ice over the pimple affected area. For you to know the ice will reduce the swelling and can help to reduce the pain and it’s a fast relief. If you are a lady you can use a makeup kit conceal the redness and also hiding the pimple marks of your face.

4. Also there is a very cool and easy method where you apply a mixture of water and crushed pills of aspirin over the pimple affected area where the pimple is. And by applying a few drops of eye drops on the pimple can also proved to be to the pimple also helps. 

5. If you have some ibuprofen has some ibuprofen and swab the pimple with some alcohol. It will take a couple of hours for the ibuprofen to kick it and you will feel relief from the pain and shrinks the swelling of you nasty pimple and applying a bit of your toothpaste to the affected area right before bed can help soothe pain and reduce redness and it starting to feel cool too.

Usually people has told us that by pressing and holding a wet tea bag or a cotton ball with a pinch of lemon juice against the infected place for few minutes can decrease the pimple ratio.

To make it simple it can be said that usually the best way to control and reduce the pimples and their pain is through prevention from few things. Also it is quiet very important to clean and wash your skin 1 – 2 times per day or take a bath to remove dirt and makeup and all the deadly bacterial skin cells.

There is another method as you know that the acne is caused by excess oil and bacteria on your face skin. And using The Witch Hazel as an astringent to remove that excess oil after you wash face and be sure to moisturize it because the excessive dryness can irritate pimples and make acne get allot worse.

There is a very easy method which is by putting glue on your hands and then peeling it off? Well you can remove all the blackheads and exfoliate your pimple skin just like that and make it pimp-less, with this Product glue. It is cool because it is water soluble so it’s safe to apply to skin by applying it over your face but make sure by avoiding your eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Then when it’s dry completely you can peel it off.

If we say on other hand some effective ways that include some old wives tips and very effective ways for the fastest way to remove the pimple. Which is what you want in first place right? so that tips are like if you want to bring a pimple to a whitehead in simple words you want it be ripe so you take it out quickly so that it will heal faster and quickly in one day, well what you waiting for, go take a tea bag and heat some water, dip it in a cup of warm water make sure it’s not too much warm.  Keep that in mind that you should not squeeze it out the warm water. Now carefully just rub the tea bag on the pimple very gently and slowly.  

These methods described here actually not for a permanent relief but are for quick pimple relief also they are only intended for mild occasional acne not for a serious acne patient. 

They do work well and it’s very herbal and natural and it should be used because they are easy and are much better than putting harsh chemicals than you see in market on your face. Usually people after treatment of pimples, most of the people do have acne scars which do not look good and also are required to be take care of. Some of our fellas include the use of natural remedies.

The Laser treatment:

It is one can imagine one among the methods that can be used to get rid of acne scars quiet very faster. Especially if it’s urgent, It is also however very expensive compared to other methods described above.

Use of topical creams: 

There are many creams like that but,  It do makes it very important to consider going for a cream that is designed to eliminate unsightly scarring through the best ingredient combinations for this acne. Well with the right cream on, it should be very easy to eliminate pimple scars.