Everything You Need To Know About Blind Pimple Treatment

By | April 28, 2015

This is a type of pimple that is usually at the base of the skin and for this reason it does not have a whitehead, a common feature with most pimples. It is a closed papule that is tender in  texture to the touch. It is also caused in the same way just like other pimples, which is through the over reaction  of sebaceous glands, which are located under the skin which produce oil in plenty that is clogged in the pores. It is usually more painful than other pimples. It is treated  through the following ways; Compression with warm cloth-this compressions are to be gentle on the skin. The warm compressions will enhance and promote circulation of blood within the veins. This will help in the acceleration of the process of healing  by its ability to bring the pimple’s head.This head will then open with time  and therefore the  infectious fluid that had accumulated in the bind pimple will come out and this will result to the healing of the blind pimple.

Application of the toothpaste on the blind pimple  and especially the  white pimple, this is because the white type of toothpaste blind pimple treatmentcontains clove oil while others contain mint, these two constituents have the capability to reduce the size of the pimple alongside alleviation of redness and soreness of the pimple. The reduction by these constituents enhances the treatment of blind pimple.

Use of aloe Vera plant –apart from its numerous functions, the aloe Vera plant can heal the blind pimple as well. This plant contains a gel from the leaf that is extracted out. The acquired gel is applied on the blind pimple and left for a period of about twenty minutes before being rinsed off with warm water. The aloe Vera gel will soothe and cool the area and also repair the tissue affected with blind pimple hence subjecting it to treatment.

Use of milk-it is definitely one of the best and effective ways to treat a blind pimple, this is because milk contains alpha hydroxyl acids in it that have a greater capability for skin smoothing. When it is applied directly to the blind pimple, it helps tin the removal of the outer layer of dead skin, dirt and also the removal of oil that has accumulated there. This will play a role in the unclogging of the pores therefore enhancing the process of treatment of the blind pimple.

Treatment using ice compressors-these compress methods are  very easy in acquisition and are used for a specific type of  blind pimples and especially the tender ones.This is because it reduces pain and the swelling of the blind pimple.The ice constricts the blood vessels because of low temparatues,therefore it eases the soreness and also promotes the reduction of pain and swelling,this constriction of blood vessels suppresses the blind pimples on the skin and regular ice compress offers a treatment of blind pimples.

Treatment by apple Cider vinegar-it promotes the circulation of  blood  this is because it has a tonic action for this process.It also has antiseptic properties  which discourages the growth of bacteria and  triggers an outbreak of infections on the skin.The promotion and improvement of blood circulation helps in the prevention of blind pimples from ever forming hence triggering there healing.