Evening Primrose Oil Acne Treatment Benefits!

By | April 8, 2014

While millions of people deal with acne, most opt for expensive treatments which can often cause all kinds of other problems on their way to clearing up the initial issue. Although some prescriptions and expensive treatments can certainly show results, you should also consider simpler, more affordable options. Evening primrose oil acne treatments are just one good example. Keep reading to learn how it can bring you the relief you require without taking serious chunks out of your bank account. Although it’s easy enough to find, most people aren’t remotely acquainted with this plant-based product, much less with evening primrose oil treatment.

What Is Evening Primrose Oil Acne Treatment?

As the name suggests, evening primrose oil treatments are pressed from the seed from which grows the plant, evening primrose. Aside from treating acne, evening primrose oil has long been used in helping people deal with all kinds of skin disorders, including others like psoriasis and eczema. People have also long used primrose oil for bone problems including osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud syndrome, Sjogren’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, dyspraxia, alcoholism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and leg problems brought on by clogged blood vessels.

These are just some of the numerous uses people have for evening primrose oil. One of the reasons so many have used it is because evening primrose treatments are relatively safe comparedevening primrose oil acne to other options. You can purchase it without a prescription from any health food store and just about every grocery store out there. If nothing else, evening primrose is a great source for certain fatty acids you may not be getting enough of. The oil has also been proven effective at reducing the inflammation often associated with arthritis and eczema.

Does Evening Primrose Oil Help Acne?

Perhaps one of the most popular uses of evening primrose is as an acne treatment. The supplement contains both gamma linolenic acid (GLA) as well as linolenic acid. Both of these omega 6 fatty acids are important for absorbing insulin, the structure of our cells, regulating hormones, increasing skin elasticity, improving the function of nerves and regulating both mood and the working of the heart. Because this important omega 6 fatty acid is not naturally created by our body, the only way to get it is through food and supplement sources.

Many people take evening primrose oil simply to help their skin, even if they’re not suffering from issues like acne. But it’s believed the many benefits it has for the skin are also important in making it so effective as a treatment for acne. Between lessening inflammation, providing better elasticity to the skin and simply being a great source of fatty acids, there are a lot of reasons for why evening primrose oil may be the acne treatment you need.

Evening Primrose Oil Dosage

As with any health regimen, it’s important you get the dosage right. It’s also important you speak with a doctor prior to starting it. Even though evening primrose is a supplement you can buy over the counter that doesn’t mean you can take it without any precautions whatsoever (some of which we’ll cover momentarily).

For the most part, simply be sure to read the instructions that come with your evening primrose pills or liquid. However, when taking it an evening primrose oil regimen, you may need to augment it slightly.

Some people actually apply it to their skin as a topical treatment, for example. Many people put it on their skin at night and then wash off any remaining residue in the morning with a mild foaming cleanser.

Other people take both a topical treatment and consume evening primrose oil orally, again either as a pill or liquid. With this method, it’s recommended you start taking the supplements slowly. Begin by taking it every other day or so. Then after a week or two, you can begin taking it every single day.

In either case, most people do see any different in their acne from taking evening primrose oil treatments until at least four weeks. However, this will depend on a lot on the type and severity of acne you have and what kind of regimen you start up when using evening primrose oil. Many people may see results sooner, but it wouldn’t be uncommon to go six or eight weeks before acne begins to clear.

Cystic Acne

evening primrose oil acne

Although many people may use evening primrose oil for hormonal acne, it can also be used for what’s known as cystic acne too. This especially troublesome form of acne gets its name from the cyst-like growths it produces on the body (usually the fact). These boil-like growths can form just about anywhere where sweat is able to collect and affects skin tissue deeper down than with common acne.

The aforementioned components of the supplement also make evening primrose oil a cystic acne treatment too. Basically, it helps the skin stronger and able to defend and retaliate from attacks. It’s interesting that in cultures that have traditionally high amounts of Omega 6 fatty acids (like the kind in evening primrose oil), acne is rarely an issue.

These omega 6 components also help regulate the body’s oil production. By keeping it regulated, unnecessary amounts aren’t created that can eventually become the problem behind cystic acne.

Combine evening primrose oil with fish oil and/or zinc for best results when fighting cystic acne. But again, speak with a doctor first.


When you begin taking evening primrose oil, you may experience nausea, an upset stomach or headaches early on. If this continues to happen, the supplement may not be right for you, though you may still be able to tolerate it as a topical treatment.

However, if you’re already taking one or more other medications, you need to be extremely careful with evening primrose oil. It can cause the other medications to quit working correctly or even to cause serious issues.

No one should have to suffer from the troubling consequences that come with acne. Thanks to options like evening primrose oil, your solution can be fast, effective and affordable. Just be sure you speak to a doctor first.