Easy To Avoid Back Acne Causes

By | May 3, 2014

Acne is a very common skin condition, in fact millions of people each year seek topical acne treatments. The most common target for these treatments is facial acne, or when facial pores become clogged with bacteria, dirt or oil and become inflamed. However, over half of those effected by facial acne will also be effected by body acne. Blackheads and pimples that appear on the back can be treated in very similar ways that facial blemishes are, however the breakouts tend to be much more widespread. Body acne can often spread to the shoulders, neck, chest and even the upper arms. Acne breakout signs often begin on the face, mostly because this is the part of our body we are most closely able to examine for blemishes. Fortunately, while very common, acne on the back is also very avoidable if you are able to pinpoint the root cause or your acne and act quickly against it.

How to Clear Back Acne

Body and back acne causes are actually the exact same factors that will trigger a breakout of facial acne. The most common of which are excess dead skin cells, oily or dirty skin or aback acne causes spread of acne encouraging bacteria. Blackheads on the back are actually more common than facial blackheads due to excess sweat from heat or exercise.

In general, body acne is confined to the upper back and torso. Along with the face, the skin in these areas have more sensitive pores than any other areas of the body. This means these are the most likely follicles to clog. By recognizing common back acne causes, you can act to prevent future breakouts. Below are some of the best at-home tips on how to stop back acne before it even starts.

No. 1: Shower regularly and well

The best treatment for back acne is to simply prevent oil and skin cell buildup. Back acne is not always indicative of bad hygiene, in fact many people who suffer from body acne have perfectly healthy hygiene habits. However, by taking a shower every day you cannot only keep your skin clean, but also act to wash away any excess oil and dead skin cells. Purchase a handled shower brush so you can easily reach your back.

No 2: Exfoliate early and often

There are many back acne products that can be easily incorporated into your daily hygiene routine.  By using a shower scrub with exfoliating grains, you can greatly reduce the chances of a body acne breakout.

An exfoliating scrub will work to wash away dead skin cells and clean oil but will be specially designed to lock in enough moisture to prevent damaging and uncomfortable drying of the skin. Even more, incorporating an exfoliating wash into your body wash routine will improve the overall appearance of skin.

No. 3: Invest in an anti-bacterial soap

Bacteria is one of the most common causes of acne breakouts. If left unchecked, bacteria can spread and be inflammatory to skin. Regular soap, while effective at cleaning skin, will not kill the bacteria that causes blackheads. Washing with a body soap specifically designed to kill bacteria will reduce the chances and severity of breakouts.

back acne causesNo. 4: Don’t let sweat dry

Hot sun, intense workouts or even hours of sitting at work can cause the back to sweat. This sweat can dry, causing pores to clog quickly. After coming indoors or finishing a workout, wipe away any sweat with a dry, clean towel. This will protect the pores from the harmful effects of follicle buildups. If you are a person that is prone to sweat, this could be the most effective tip on how to remove back acne.

No. 5: Keep bedding clean

Once a week strip bedding and wash it. This is one that often gets neglected but can make a big difference in preventing body acne. Most people understand the importance of washing their clothes everyday however forget that their bedding gets just as dirty and sweaty as their jeans. Sweat and dirt will build up in sheets and can cause pores to become clogged while you sleep. Always use a tailored bottom sheet and ensure it is tightly fitted to the mattress. Having the bottom sheet come off in the night can result in sweat building up in the mattress, a much tougher clean than just a sheet.

No. 6: Start taking daily vitamins

Multivitamins are a great way to improve overall health. It’s difficult to get the recommended amount of daily nutrients, however any dietary gaps can be filled in by a multivitamin. Vitamins high in B5 have been shown to greatly help reduce acne breakouts. B5 does this by regulating the amount of oil that is metabolized by the body. By reducing the amount of oil absorbed by the skin, the likelihood of acne breakouts will be minimized.