Do Blackheads Go Away? Find Your Answer Here!

By | April 27, 2015

Blackhead refers to small and tiny spots on the surface of  the skin which are usually caused by small blockages in the skin follicles and pores. This is the immediate indicator of acne that forms before the disease causing microorganisms find their way into the pores on the skin. Blackheads are generally caused by the overproduction of oil, hormone production that triggers over activity in the oil glands thus resulting in clogged pores. Blackhead do not just go disappear, they only grow further, but when well managed and given the right care they can be gotten rid of, and that is possible through  the following ways; Blackhead extraction this method can be the best if done right and it is by squeezing blackheads out. It may provide a temporary solution because it does not remove the blackhead right from the root, but it is an essential process of getting rid of particularly the ones that seems stubborn. After removing them, concentration becomes refining the pores and preventing them from filling up again through the same method.

Using orange peel face scrub to get rid of blackheads on the nose. This is effective and cheap because it can be used at home. Powdered orange peel is used. The  orange peel powder is rich in a lot of nutrients, including vitamin C, calcium  and citric acid. Excess oil is trapped deep inside open pores in one of the numerous impurities that form blackheads  while  this powder gets into the pores, thus controlling oil and sloughing off dead cells and peeling skin to get rid of blackhead.

Using a blackhead extractor-this is the use of cheap, small metallic tools to remove the blackheads. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to remove  blackheads. It is commonly used in professional facials to quickly extract large areas and it is less damaging to the skin compared to squeezing. The extractor is used to create pressure from one side this forces the blockage out as the tool is moved over the topDo blackheads go away? Find your answer here and the blockage pops out as a plug.

Facial steaming to get rid of blackheads on the nose. This makes the face skin softer, which naturally drive the blackheads out of the face.

Skin virus fights blackheads. This virus lives on the skin and seems to naturally aim at the destruction of the bacteria that causes  the formation of blackheads and offers a useful tool against the condition of the skin thus helping in getting rid of blackheads.

Using toner for tighter pores-blackheads are caused by open, clogged  pores reacting with oxygen and therefore  shrinking pores down helps and the lemon juice is used in this process. This  lightens the skin and thus making it sensitive. This shrinking of the pores makes the blackheads to go away with time.

Using egg white mask. This is because egg whites usually form an easy mask that that be used to temporarily tighten the pores. The tightening inhibits the development of resultant pores therefore reducing the chances of future blackheads and also removes the current blackheads. This is because eggs are rich in nutrients for the nourishment of the skin and are less drying remedies for blackheads.