Discover How to Treat Acne Around Mouth Easily

By | April 11, 2014

No one likes having acne. That’s no surprise. But most of us thought we were over the worst of it when we stopped being teenagers. Unfortunately, acne is one of those things that can follow us throughout life for a number of reasons. Perhaps one of the most annoying forms is the kind of acne around the mouth. Whenever you go to speak, people almost automatically focus on your mouth. So having acne there is a guarantee that everyone will see it throughout the day. Plus, there’s only so much you can do in order to hide it. Fortunately, there are a number of acne cures at your disposal. For the best ones where the area around your mouth is concerned, keep reading.

Go See an Expert

We’ll explore plenty of affordable options you can begin implementing immediately on your own. However, one of the first we should mention is visiting your doctor or making an appointment with a dermatologist.

Acne can be caused for any number of reasons. Unfortunately, one of these reasons is hormones. You can’t wash those away—in fact, you’re kind of stuck with them. But that doesn’t mean you’re powerless.

The type of acne that forms around your mouth is often said to be caused, primarily, by hormones. That’s why this type of acne makes it especially important that you go see a professional. They may prescribe you antibiotics you can take that will begin clearing up the problem from the inside.

However, continue with reading this article. For one, many of these antibiotic treatments are only for women as they lower testosterone. Most men would rightfully consider that a deal breaker. Another issue is that those treatments tend to get the ball rolling, but can eventually plateau. The bacteria in your body causing the issue are acne around mouthcapable of adapting to the treatment, at which point, it stops being as effective. Lastly, it can take several weeks before you begin seeing any results. In the meantime, you’d probably like to take other steps to help clear that acne.

Careful What You Put in Your Mouth

Another cause of acne that can be cured from the inside is with your diet. Many forms of acne are caused by poor eating habits, which might be one of the reasons so many of us get hit with pimples and zits when we’re teenagers. Your diet can always affect the bacteria and hormones in your stomach though.

Just about everyone would be better off if they cleared up their diet. So begin by removing away greasy and overly oily food. This type of food isn’t very good for you in the first place, but it can also make a mess of your skin too. Ditch it and you’ll ditch some unnecessary pounds and potentially that acne around your mouth too.

Another area a lot of us could do with less is refined sugars. The type you get with an apple or pear is one thing, but the kind that is added to just about everything on the menu is definitely not good for you. We know it can certainly make obesity inevitability. But it can also add plenty of blemishes, pimps and zits around your mouth too. Just like with oils and fats, lose refined sugar and you’ll probably feel a lot better too. Lastly, consider looking at your dairy intake. Unlike the other suggestions, dairy may not be hurting you at all, or at least not in a noticeable way. While many people are lactose intolerant and know that dairy disagrees with them, others feel no bad effects. But you may still be experiencing them by way of the acne around your mouth.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Alright, there’s a limit to the amount of cleaning you should do. Too much cleaning of the area around your mouth will rob it of the essential oils your body produces for it, which play an important role. Furthermore, over cleaning can dry your skin out, which will make it look worse, feel irritable and leave it vulnerable to other afflictions.

However, not enough people clean their face as regularly as they should. Your regimen should be to clean it once during the day and again at night. Pay special attention to the acne spots around your mouth too.

Some women think that if they go a day without makeup, they don’t need to observe this advice. Unfortunately, makeup isn’t the only thing to worry about. Plenty of other debris, grime, dirt and pollutants can become an issue if you don’t clean your face regularly.

And, yes, you must clean it in the morning too. While you’re fast asleep, your body is often busy sweating or producing more oil than you need. All of this needs to be washed away.

Pick the Right Products

Washing your face with the wrong products won’t do you any favors at all. When you’re considering products, only spend money on those that contain benoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These are the two best acne treatment products you can buy over the counter.

How to treat acne around mouthYou don’t have to pick one or the other either. Find a product that contains both or simply two products that you can use in tandem. These products are great because they can get into your skin’s pores and help clear away all the junk that finds its way in there. This includes dead skin cells. No matter what you do, if you don’t clear out your pores and follicles, you’ll always get facial acne and all the inflammation and issues that go with it.

For some of you, sensitive skin means you have to be careful what you apply to it. Astringents will probably be out of the question, for example. But you may even find that standbys like benoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are more or less out of the question too.

At least pick a nonabrasive, antibacterial soap you can use regularly. This will still help with eliminating dirt and bacteria that get on your face and around your mouth. You can also use tea tree oil which is extremely kind to sensitive skin, yet still has a ton of benefits for those fighting off acne.

Choose the Right Moisturizer Too

Cleaning your face properly will mean needing to add back some moisture as even the best regimens mean stripping away those essential oils. However, pick a light moisturizer that doesn’t add unnecessary mass to the area around your mouth. It shouldn’t be too oily either. Both of these issues will block pores and make the problem worse. Even with lighter moisturizers, be careful about application. Find out how much your skin needs to feel comfortable and stop there. Otherwise, you guessed it, you’ll get blocked pores as a result.

The type of acne that forms around your mouth is never a welcomed guest on anyone’s face. But that doesn’t mean you have to simply live with it. If it’ a chronic issue, consider speaking to a dermatologist. Otherwise, just follow the above advice. It will take a while to see results, but chances are you’ll be able to notice a considerable reduction early on and all at an affordable cost.