Curing Pimple In Earlobe The Easiest Ways

By | April 29, 2015

If someone told you that pimples are a problem that is easy to solve, then put the idea right out of your mind. This is because certain pimples can be easy to treat but others are not. One such case is the pimples that grow in the earlobe. If you are hearing it for the first time that pimples can affect areas other than your cheeks, then you are really lucky for pimples do not have any fixed area of affecting; it can be your cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, lips and even your earlobes.  Yes, that’s completely true and the worst thing about the pimples that grow in the earlobe region is that they are really painful. They are nothing like the benign pimples that you have had on your cheeks. These pimples that develop in the earlobe area are quite a nuisance being full of pus and take a long time in going away. One really has to bear a lot of pain before you can just pop it out or it dries off on its own. This is also attributed to the fact that most pimples that grow in the earlobes do not form heads which is why popping it becomes impossible. You first have to treat it so that a head forms and then, pop it while bearing the pain.

The growth of the pimples in the earlobe can be ascribed to a number of common factors other than your sebaceous glands working overtime. It has been often found that these pimples were formed due to the effects of various hair care products. Most people, especially women are seen to use a variety of hair products like gels, sprays, shampoos, conditioners, colors and a lot more. Although, we immaculately wash off the leftovers from our hair, we often forget to clean the neighboring areas. The skin of the earlobes being sensitive Curing pimple in earlobe the easiest wayscannot always withstand the deposition of these substances on the skin and the pores, thus clogged, go on to form these vicious pimples in the earlobe.

In case you think that your oil glands are secreting too much oil, then you may opt to clean the area of your earlobes, especially the T-zone, at regular intervals so that no excess oil exists in the area of the pores. You can even use witch hazel or alcohol to clean the areas of the earlobe and surrounding it. You can also treat the pimples with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, tea tree oil or even sulfur. These products can used at home and are a good way to combat the growth of pimples in the ear lobes. 

Once the head forms on the pimple(s), you can let it rest as it is and it will vanish after sometime or you may even use a sterilized needle or your fingers to drain out the pus. However, it must be remembered that popping the pimples will hurt you badly and you must be ready to face it in case you want to clear away the pimples fast.