Can Witch Hazel Acne Treatment Help You?

By | April 13, 2014

Can Witch Hazel Acne Treatment Help You?

There are a multitude of acne treatments available on the market today and it is easy to get overwhelmed when you are trying to pick the correct one for you.  Understanding what ingredients go into each treatment can help you to make the correct choice for your skin type and complexion when you are looking for an acne treatment protocol. When you do not understand the ingredients and what each does choosing the best product is just like shooting at a target in the dark.  You may hit it just by luck but the probability is very low.  Witch hazel on acne treatment is just one of the many acne treatments available on the market today.  But before rushing out to buy witch hazel from your local market we need to know is witch hazel good for acne treatment and does witch hazel help acne problems go away?

Witch hazel basics

Witch hazel is produced from the winterbloom plant that grows in North America.  There are similar species to the winterbloom which can be found in China and Japan as well each of which are other types of floweringwitch hazel acne treatments
plant.  The plant itself is deciduous and is a small shrub with leaves, flowers and fruit that appear in the summer time.  The name witch hazel has old English origins descending from the word wice which means pliant and the combination of the two words in the name witch hazel were put together when early settlers would use the twigs of the shrub as divining rods which would supposedly bend to indicate water was present.

To produce witch hazel the leaves and the bark of the shrub are used.  The extract from the leaves and the bark produces an astringent with medicine properties and is relatively low cost making using witch hazel acne treatment economical.  When you know how to use witch hazel for acne you will have a valuable tool at your disposal to win this battle.  Witch hazel has many uses including: disinfectant, astringent, anti-irritant, reduces inflammation, and
balances pH.

Disinfect your skin with witch hazel

Every day we are exposed to bacteria and pathogens.  When we touch a handrail or door knob we pick up bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and then carry them around our hands.  The bacteria can be transferred from our hands to our faces or any multitude of places on our body when you use a cell phone or other tool.  This bacteria then sits on our skin growing and multiplying throughout the day.  Witch hazel can remove the bacteria and make sure it does not contribute to forming acne.  Witch hazel and acne fighting are a great combination since bacteria is one contributing factor that causes acne.  When you incorporate witch hazel with regular cleaning of your skin then you reduce the chances that an acne outbreak will occur.

Witch hazel astringent

Every person’s body produces oil in response to hormonal changes in the body.  These hormone changes could be due to stress, puberty or even the food that we eat and when hormones change it causes oil to be produced on the skin which can get into our pores.  How much oil is produced can vary from person to person quite dramatically.

If oily skin is a problem for you and washing is not enough to remove the oil from your skin then adding witch hazel to your cleansing routine will help.  Witch hazel contains tannin with antioxidants that will help remove the oil from your skin and also help pores to contract so that they do not let in excess dirt and oils which could lead to acne breakouts.

Using witch hazel as an anti-irritant

A more generic property of witch hazel is its use as an anti-irritant.  If you are having acne breakout that is irritated, red or swollen then witch hazel can help to calm your skin and reduce the irritation that the acne is causing.  This will let you stop worrying about your acne breakout and go about your daily activities.

Witch hazel as an anti-inflammatory tool

When an acne breakout occurs your skin can become very inflamed.  Witch hazel can help to reduce inflammation caused by acne and other irritants.  There are two components in witch hazel called flavonoids and procyanadins that help to reduce inflammation.  Witch hazel uses as an anti-inflammatory extend beyond just acne fighting.  Any inflammation on the skin can be helped by witch hazel including sunburn but be sure to use a moisturizer as well if you do have a sunburn as the witch hazel can dry out your skin.

witch hazel acneBalance pH with witch hazel

There is a big benefit to using witch hazel rather than prescription medications or over-the-counter treatments when treating acne problems.  Store-bought treatments or prescriptions that aren’t natural can irritate your skin because their pH is not correct.  Witch hazel is a natural product and does not cause additional skin irritation when you use it because the pH is correct.

Using witch hazel for acne treatment

When you choose to incorporate witch hazel in your daily skin care regimen there are a couple of ways to go about it.  First you can apply the witch hazel on your skin directly using a cloth, cotton balls or even Kleenex.  Another option is to create a mask paste by combining it with honey, banana, avocado and tea tree oil.  Combine these ingredients and then spread on the face and let it sit for approximately 15 minutes.  When your are done clean off the mask and your skin will be cleansed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Witch hazel and acne treatment are the perfect addition to any acne prevention and fighting regimen.  Witch hazel has such a variety of uses from astringent to anti-inflammatory that you will have a hard time finding a treatment with as much versatility as witch hazel.  So, when you are looking for an all-round acne treatment tool try witch hazel and you will be impressed.