Can pantothenic acid acne treatment work for You?

By | May 3, 2014

A rather strange title wouldn’t you say? This is not a new or revolutionary concept. There is nothing here that is going to rock your world or put an end to the suffering and embarrassment caused by acne. But, what you will find is information and the results of many studies that you may have never thought about. The results written about here may be an area you have overlooked. While the jury is still out on the overall effect and importance of pantothenic acid in the control of acne vulgaris, none the less there is important data worth considering. Nutrition specialists have long argued for recognition of the importance of diet in maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. Deficiencies in specific dietary areas can mean the difference between being healthy or not. Most of us have heard myths, fables, and half-truths about the importance of certain foods. For example, eating carrots will improve your eyesight. Looking for body strength? Look no further than spinach. This or that dietary supplement or vitamin will replenish your body, protect you from certain diseases and conditions, or actually combat them if they occur. While it is sometimes easy to write off these proclamations be careful that you overlook the elements of truth contained in these words of folk wisdom.

In this article we are going to examine in some detail the truth about pantothenic acid as a possible treatment for acne. Here are the areas we will discuss:

  1. The importance of dietary supplements and vitamins,pantothenic acid acne
  2. What is pantothenic acid,
  3. Pantothenic acid benefits,
  4. Pantothenic acid for acne,
  5. Some conclusions regarding the use of pantothenic acid.

1. The importance of dietary supplements and vitamins in treating acne

Most of us know the news regarding our eating habits. They leave a lot to be desired. Poor dietary choices have led to obesity, poor health, and related conditions. While we await that moment of realization that we really do need to pay attention to what we eat. A first step toward increased health may well be the proper use of supplements and vitamins.

What the news has not reported on enough is the relationship between acne and diet. Most of us battling acne are familiar with the message to avoid chocolate, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Studies conducted worldwide have clearly shown that where diets are low in or missing certain key ingredients, the use of dietary supplements and vitamins is recommended. In studies where the focus is on acne, there is growing scientific opinion that there can be a direct link between the incidences of acne and one’s metabolism and diet.

2.  What is pantothenic acid?

A totally natural substance pantothenic acid is also known as vitamin B5. It is thought to have an effect of many human conditions such as stress management, cholesterol management, and to release the needed energy from the foods we eat. While scientific studies continue, the vitamin has gained popularity in treating acne.

This much we do know. Pantothenic acid can reduce skin oils clog pores. This, combined with its stress fighting ability is thought to also be a part of the acid’s effect on skin appearance. Overall, pantothenic acid is observed to reduce the incidences of pimple size and breakouts.

3. Pantothenic acid benefits

This powerful vitamin offers a safe and reliable addition to the acne treatments already in use. It focuses on a narrow area of contributors to the outbreak of acne; poor dietary habits and certain nutritional deficiencies. Reports from among the users as well as information contained in studies of the use of pantothenic acid indicate a “no side effect” profile.

Certainly its use within the recommended guidelines demonstrate its safety. Add to this the many other benefits attributed to this vitamin suggests that its use can enhance any non-acne related areas of your body.

4. Pantothenic acid for acne

pantothenic acid acne treatmentAgain, it is important to note that to date there is only limited studies conducted on the efficacy of pantothenic acid in the treatment of acne. One study worth noting was conducted in China where 100 patients of Chinese descent were included in the study published in 1998. While somewhat dated, there is not empirical data contradicting the study’s results.

Included were 45 males and 55 females with ages ranging from 10 to 30. The severity of their acne varied. Treatment had participants following a prescribed regime. What was found was an impressively prompt this included a marked decrease in infectious secretions around the facial area within 2 -3 days of the initiation of treatment.

Over time results varied depending on the severity of the condition. What was noted has merit:

  • A less oily face
  • After two weeks both the eruption of new outbreaks as well as the regression of existing lesions slowed down
  • In those cases identified as being moderately severe complete control was achieved within 8 weeks with few new lesions and most existing lesions gone.
  • As one would expect, in the cases where the acne was identified as severe complete control took longer.
  • During the study dosage management was directly tied to severity. That is, the more severe the acne the higher the dosage of pantothenic.

The study concluded that improvement is normally a gradual and steady process. The two primary contributors to slowing the healing process were the ingestion of oily foods and hormonal changes during menstruation

5. Some conclusions regarding the use of pantothenic acid.

Without wanting to make a rush to judgment, this much seems certain: While Pantothenic acid is not in and of itself a cure-all for acne, it is a natural adjunct to its treatment. Because its primary benefit is to those acne sufferers with nutritional deficiencies prescribed dosage is important and is best determined by a medical professional with a background in this area.

Just as important is that it is safe, effective, and readily available. When used as directed it is easy to apply with results that may amaze the user.