How To Use Blackhead Extractor And Other Blackhead Treatments To Get Rid Of Blackheads And Acne

By | April 9, 2016

A milder form of acne, blackheads are one of those things that happen occasionally to everyone and they are caused by clogged hair follicles. Millions of people around the world are affected by blackheads or acne every year and it is a condition that can be removed fairly easily and painlessly. Our body is full of small hair follicles, each containing a single hair within. Inside the follicle is also a sebaceous gland, which produces sebum, the oil that keeps our skin soft. Sometimes dead skin cells and oil can collect at the opening of the follicle and produce a little bump called comedone. The bump can be a whitehead or a blackhead depending on whether the skin over the bump remains closed or opens up.

How Do They Form?

If you are someone who naturally produces more body oil than average person, you will be more susceptible to blackheads forming. Other factors such as hormonal changes during teenage years or menstruation as well as certain drugs can also increase the risk of blackheads forming and even turning into acne. 

How To Prevent Them?

A Blackhead Extractor being used on someone in the USA.While occasional blackheads will appear for most of us, there are ways of preventing them from occurring too often and certainly ways of keeping yourself more blackhead proof. For starters, regular washing of our faces and the rest of our bodies will go a long way. Regular face washing will remove many of the dead cells and oil buildups on your face and this will in turn prevent blackheads from forming. 

Washing your hair regularly can also help keep the pores in your body clean which will also help prevent blackheads from forming. Washing your hands and your face after eating anything oily is another way to prevent your follicles from getting clogged. 

In general you just want to keep your face clean of any oils, whether they are produced by your body or come from external sources like food or cosmetics. Blackheads only form when your follicles get clogged and this cannot happen without oils, so keep that in mind. 

What Are The Symptoms?

While we have hair follicles all over our body, they are most numerous on our faces, upper arms and upper chest and those contain more sebaceous glands than other hair follicles. This is why these parts of our bodies are the ones most often affected by blackheads. 

When our comedones get clogged but they are not infected, blackheads appear. If they are left untreated and they get infected, they can turn into acne. Certain types of bacteria will infect blackheads causing them to turn, but more on this later. 

When you develop blackheads, common symptoms are irritation and pain on the affected area. The symptoms can be mildly alleviated but removing the blackhead is the best real course of action. 

Why Get Rid Of Them?

Getting rid of blackhead may seem like a logical thing to do in general, simply due to esthetics but the reality is there are quite a few deeper reasons to want to get rid of them as soon as you can. Some of these include:

  • Reduce quality of life for adults and especially adolescents
  • Possible self-esteem and self-confidence issues
  • Peer pressure
  • Problems in social interactions
  • Skin irritation and pains that inhibit sleep

As we can see, most of these issues are of a social nature, but since our social lives are such an integral part of our overall experience, removing blackheads is one of those things that will greatly help improve the quality of life for those inflicted. 

How To Get Rid Of Them?

As we explained earlier in this text, blackheads form when the pores in your face get plugged by a mix of oil and dead skin cells, so the Treating someone in the UK with a Blackhead Extractor.most important thing when trying to remove blackheads will be to unplug these pores. 

People often try and squeeze out the blackheads, but this is really not recommended. While you may actually be successful in squeezing out one blackhead, your fingers will have oil on them and tempering with your face with the fingers may also spread out other oil already on your face, causing even more blackheads to form around it. 

Instead, there is a number of methods recommended for cleaning out the blackheads. For starters you may want to use cleansers and other acne products with acids designed to unplug the pores. Additionally, manual extraction kits are available for both home use and at your dermatologist’s office. 

Things that will help in removal of blackheads include:

  • Salycilic Acid based products
  • Exfoliation
  • Moisturizing
  • Retinol
  • Blackhead Extractor
  • Dermatologist appointments

Blackhead Removing Products

There is a host of products out there designed to help conceal or remove your blackheads. Among these there are patches, charcoal bars, creams and liquids all designed for blackhead removal. Some of these products will only camouflage the blackheads and wait for them to pass on their own, while others are made to clean up your pores and actually remove the blackheads. 

When you are looking for a treatment, you should really be going for one that does the later, removing the pores once and for all. Such products usually come in the form of creams and contain acids which destroy the oily buildups in your follicles, allowing your skin to breathe and making the blackheads completely vanish. 

Manual Blackhead Extractor Usage

Treatment being carried out using a Blackhead Extractor.Aside from chemical compounds designed to remove your blackheads, many stores will now allow you to purchase a tool set, the kind your dermatologist might use when taking care of your skin. Such a removal set will include several different types of blackhead extractor for different situations and in most cases you can learn to use it yourself. 

What Do They Do?

A common type of tool kit will come with 4 or five different tools, all different sizes and shapes. These sets are usually make of top grade stainless steel and designed to allow just about anyone to physically remove their own blackheads without using fingers and squeezing the out, potentially spreading them further. 

The big advantages of blackhead extractor include the fact they can reach just about any part of your body, from any corner and will not leave your skin irritated or spread the blackheads further. Simply apply the proper tool to your blackhead, extract it and never worry about it again. 

Why Use A Blackhead Extractor?

The simplest answer to this question is for their simplicity. While chemical compounds will take time to act and some of them might be a sham altogether, a physical blackhead extractor will always do the trick in a simple motion. You can carry it with you to a vacation or a business trip and make sure you don’t get into any situations in which presence of blackheads on your face may cause major discomfort or bring your self-confidence down. 

With these portable sets of tools, you should be fit to remove any blackhead, any time, any place. Looking over a number of choices, we came to a conclusion that the Art Naturals Blackhead Extractor Kit may very well be the best blackhead extractor tool out there, so let us have a bit of a look at this particular product. 

Art Naturals Blackhead Extractor Review

Created by Art Naturals and coming at a very reasonable price, this tool is one of the finest we could find in its category. The set includes five blackhead extraction tools designed for various angles and sizes of blackheads. Coming in a fancy little case, this blackhead extractor kit will be easy to take with you anywhere and never have major blackhead problems again. 


  • High Quality Materials
  • Easy To Use
  • Fast Blackheads Extraction
  • Fast Delivery
  • Bonus Case
  • Affordable Price


  • No Real Cons

How To Use It

The Art Naturals tool is a set of surgical grate tools designed for blackhead and acne removal. As such, the tools are made of the highest quality steel and can be used to reach and extract almost any blackhead you can imagine. 

The process itself is extremely simple. You will push the extractor on to your blackhead the way you would squeeze it with your fingers, press in and the blackhead should be released into the tool. This tool has an extremely high success rate and what is more it is approved by the experts as a safe and healthy solution to removing blackheads. 


This blackhead extractor has been used by hundreds of customers and always received outstanding ratings. Here is what a few of the happy customers had to say about it:

Although I have only used this for one day, I have to say that I have been impressed with the construction and quality of the kit and would therefore recommend it to others. I guess time will tell how the tools last over the long term and will endeavor to provide an update again.

These tools are great, it’s nice to have a spot free face including black heads without having marks all over my face. Instructions weren’t great but a bit of trial and error and we got there.

Very happy with the tool does exactly what you expect it to do loads of different sizes to get the stubborn ones out would deffo recommend to anyone who’s fed up with squeezing the nose till it’s sore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove blackheads from all parts of my body with this tool?

Yes, the different tools included in the set will let you remove any kind of a blackhead from any part of your body. 

Are there any dangerous side effects?

No. Removal of blackheads with this blackhead extractor will be similar to squeezing them out with your fingers, except you won’t be spreading the oil around your face further. 

What percentage of blackheads can I remove with it?

Over 90% of all blackheads can be removed with this tool. If you are still unable to remove some blackheads, you should probably contact your dermatologist. 

Final Verdict on Art Naturals Blackhead Extractor

If you are a person who suffers from blackheads often, you should probably consider getting one of these little sets of tools. It will help you remove all the blackheads in a simple mechanical process without having to apply chemical compounds or squeeze out another blackhead in your life. 

Other Blackhead Treatments

A common treatment of sorts for blackheads are the pore strips. While the strips do not prevent formation of blackheads, they will remove the already formed ones to quite a good extent. Despite their effectiveness, overuse may cause some side effects, so using charcoal or clay as replacement sometimes is also a good thing. 

Another good practice in trying to avoid blackheads is to constantly keep moisturizing your face and keep your face and other parts of your body clean. Make sure to wash your face multiple times per day with water as well as possibly some products designed especially for prevention of blackheads and your face will thank you for it. 


Similar to blackheads, whiteheads form when the dead skin cells and oil get clogged up in your pores. When the skin above them remains open, these little formations don’t turn black but remain white, called whiteheads. Sometimes whiteheads can be seen as little white dots on your face, while at other times they will be too small to be noticed by naked eyes.

Since they are the same as blackheads in most aspects, keeping your skin healthy and clean will do the job in preventing them as well. When they do form, most of the same treatments, including the tool will work on whiteheads as well. 


When your pores get clogged and the mix of sebum and dead skin piles up inside them, blackheads appear. When the blackheads are left unattended to, the dead skin cells closed up within your skin will become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. The bacterial infection that follows is basically what we call acne. 

Millions of people experience acne at some point and while they are not that dangerous, they can really change the way your face looks and especially for the one category of people most susceptible to them, teenagers, they can cause plenty of social discomfort and embarrassment. The first sign of acne will be redness of skin, which is caused by the inflammation and if the inflammation goes too deep, acne cysts develop in the area. 

Symptoms Of Acne

The main symptom of acne are the red blemishes that appear on your skin. Most people find these blemishes fairly appalling and want to get rid of them as soon as possible for esthetics reasons. Still, there are other symptoms to acne and most of them are actually psychological. 

A person suffering from acne will often suffer from great self-esteem issues as well, especially during the formative years. They will tend to look at their face and see a monster even though all they have is a minor skin issue. For the purpose of helping your teen with his self-esteem, you should probably find ways for them to remove the acne. 

Even adults can fall into depression caused by severe acne outbreaks. The longer the acne are on our faces and the worse they get, the easier it is to bring them into relation with other things happening in our lives, sometimes with good reason as people can be cruel. Another reason to get rid of acne as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, acne will inevitably leave some symptoms even after they are gone. For one, dark red or black spots can appear on the skin where the acne used to be for some time, but they tend to go away after some months. In some more severe cases, acne can leave permanent scars and this is the most serious side effect. In order to prevent scars, you should talk to your dermatologist the moment you get acne and have him talk you through the healing and post healing phases. This way, the treatment will be done in ways that will prevent scarring your face for life. 

Treating Acne

When you go to a dermatologist with an acne issue, he will proceed to diagnose your condition. Acne can appear in four different grades, with Grade 1 being the mildest and Grade 4 the most severe kind. For the purposes of treatment, the grade of your acne will be important. 

When you know what kind of acne you have, you can proceed to treatment. Even though it is advisable to always seek help from a dermatologist, the milder types of acne can still be treated at home with over the counter creams, liquids, plasters or mechanical tools. 

When you are diagnosed with a more severe form of acne, you will definitely want to leave your treatment up to the dermatologist, as even if you could cure them yourself, you run a serious risk of severely scarring your face. Your dermatologist will recommend and start applying one of many possible treatments or a mix of different treatments.

These treatments may be similar to home remedies we mentioned, but applied in the right intervals and in the right sterile environment. Since acne are of bacterial origin, sometimes your dermatologist will go for a different type of treatment, that includes antibiotics, hormone pills or a compound called Isotretinoin. All of these will aim your acne on a cellular level and will greatly help avoid scarring your skin. 

Finally your dermatologist may choose to apply physical removal, using lasers, chemical peels or drainage. These therapies will be applied to the surface of the acne and will attempt to remove the cysts physically, usually after a period of medication and healing. 


Blackheads and acne are both nasty formations on the skin that no one wants to have, but many people experience at one time or another. In order to avoid development of blackheads and acne it is important to keep your face and body clean and do regular medical checkups to catch any early symptoms. 

When talking about blackheads, we saw they are not such terrible formations and their development can usually be stopped with simple facial hygiene. When they do develop, it is important to catch them early and remove them, either with chemicals or more simply with mechanical blackhead extractor such as the Art Naturals tool. 

When blackheads or whiteheads get infected with the built up bacteria, the Acne Cysts develop, which are a much more serious condition that can seriously affect even the most stoic of people and shatter their self-confidence. Unlike blackheads, it is best to leave treatment of acne to your dermatologist, as improper treatment can lead to scarring and nasty side effects. 

In general, dermal health is one of the areas we don’t give enough attention which makes development of acne and especially blackheads and extremely common thing, especially among youth. Taking better care of your dermal hygiene will go a long way to reducing the chanced of these issues occurring.