The Benefits Argan Oil Acne Treatment has to Offer

By | April 13, 2014

No one likes to have acne but when it appears on our face it may drive us to take new steps to correcting and acne problem and finding a long term skin care strategy that will help to keep our skin clear all the time. When you are looking for treatments for acne consider including Argan Oil in your skin care regime to help establish a long term solution for any acne management regimen. The best acne treatment will keep your skin acne free all the time and will remove the chance of a sudden breakout at an inconvenient time.

Acne basics explained

Acne needs three basic things to be present on the skin for it to occur.  The first is that there must be oil on the skin, the second is that there must be dirt, debris or dead skin cells present and finally there needs to be bacteria or pathogens present that can cause an infection.  The combination of these three ingredients getting lodged in the pores of the skin is what can initiate an acne breakout.  Our skin produces oil in response to fluctuating hormone levels in the body.  Hormone levels can change when our bodies are experiencing stress, going through puberty or even from the foods that we eat.  When looking at a long term skin acne management strategy you should look at all three levels and make changes if possible to reduce the hormone fluctuations and oil production.  In particular, look at the foods you are eating and avoid foods that have residual growth hormones or iodine which can impact your body’s hormone levels.

Setting up an acne control regimen

Setting up an acne control regimen is important early on to keep an acne issue from becoming a long-standing problem.  The key to any acne control program is to make sure argan oil acneyou are removing the components that cause acne.  This means that the basis of every program is cleansing your skin at least two times a day to remove oil, debris and bacteria.  When cleansing your face use a gentle cleaner and warm water to make sure you remove all the ingredients that could cause an acne problem.

Once you have the basics established with a good cleansing regimen the next step is basic skin care.  Caring for your skin includes moisturizers and sun blocks.  Select only products that are not oil based to avoid adding to the problem.

Finally, if cleansing and moisturizing are not sufficient for your skin then consider adding an argan oil acne treatment to your regimen.  Argan oil is a natural treatment for acne that when added to a regimen of cleansing, moisturizing and protecting will help to keep your skin from developing an acne problem.

Argan oil facts

Argan oil comes from a tree native to Morocco called the argan tree and is known for having cosmetic uses as well as in nutrition.  This Moroccan tree has to survive in extreme desert conditions and is also on the protected list as it has become endangered.  The tree has an extremely dense root system that allows it to survive and help push back on the expanse of the Sahara desert.  The first use of the Argan tree was by the ancient Berber tribes who would extract the oil from the fruit pits.  Nowadays the oil is gathered and processed in a large production manner.

Argan oil contains vitamin E, phenols, fatty acids and carotenes which give argan oil a variety of uses in the cosmetic world.  It has curative properties that help to treat issues with the skin like acne or dry skin as well as moisturizing properties for both the skin and hair.  Argan oil now shows up in moisturizers, lotions, conditioners and skin care treatments of all types.  Argan oil acne treatment has become more popular as well and many acne treatments.

Treating acne with argan oil regimen

argan oil acne treatmentsWhen you decide to incorporate argan oil into your acne treating regimen here is the best way to go about doing it.  First, you want to maintain a twice daily cleaning program to remove the excess oils, debris, dead skin cells and bacteria from your skin.  Pat your skin down and look if any oil remains or if you know you have particularly oily skin you may want to apply an astringent after cleansing.  The astringent will remove any oil that the soap could not and will leave your skin ready for the next step in the treatment.  When your skin is prepped you can apply the argan oil for acne treatment.  Argan oil will do two functions; first it will moisturize your skin and reduce any sun damage or dry skin, second it will help to heal the skin and eliminate signs of acne or other skin conditions.  This multi-functional oil will amaze you with its many uses.

The wonders of argan oil do not stop with just the moisturizing and acne fighting properties.  Argan oil can help repair your skin as well.  The nutritive properties of argan oil can help reduce scars left by acne as well as heal other damage to skin.  If you’ve been fighting acne problems for a long time then argan oil is the final solution that you are looking for to get rid of acne once and for all as well as remove the signs that you ever had an acne problem.

In conclusion, acne is caused by excess oils, bacteria and debris gathering in the pores of the skin and becoming inflamed.  Establishing a good skin care regimen with regular cleansing, conditioning and protecting of the skin is advisable to avoid having an acne problem.  If these three simple things are not enough then try adding argan oil to your skin care regimen.  The simple argan oil treatment will help get rid of acne, heal your skin of a variety of problems and leave your skin smooth, healthy and well moisturized for a great complexion.