Amazingly Simple Home Remedy for Acne

By | April 12, 2014

Amazingly Simple Home Remedy for Acne

Acne has been a problem for people of all ages throughout all of history and everyone tries to find the easiest and most simple home remedy for acne. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must resolve and acne issue when the problem gets out of hand.  Some people have a more difficult acne problem to resolve while others make a few quick changes and their skin clears up. Still other people struggle to find the magic solution for acne and spend time experimenting with numerous different solutions including harsh prescription treatments prescribed by a doctor. Even if you think you’ve tried every solution under the moon there is a simple at home acne treatment that will work for you.

Causes of acne

When looking for a home remedy for acne you must understand the causes of acne and eliminate them for the home remedy to be effective.  An acne breakout can happen on your skin when there is a combination of multiple factors.  First, a hormone change occurs in the body which triggers excess oils to be produced on the skin.  Second, there is dirt or dead cells on the skin that collect in the oil and in the pores of the skin.  Third, bacteria or other pathogens are present on the skin and get stuck in clogged pores.   When one or all of these things are present on the skin then acne can form.   The pores then become infected, puss-filled, and red and can spread to unsightly areas of the body starting an acne problem that must be resolved.  If left untreated or uncared for the acne can get out of hand and show up all over the body.

Treating acne at home

Most acne cases can be treated effectively at home starting with a good cleansing routine.  When you are fighting acne you need to address the causes of acne; oil, debris andbest home remedy for acne bacteria.  To begin make sure to clean your skin two times a day with warm water and a gentle soap to remove any of the acne causes.   This is the basic skin care routine to reduce the chance of getting an acne outbreak.  If you do get an outbreak that you can complement the cleaning routine with an at home acne treatment that works for you.

There are a multitude of at home acne remedies to choose from and all you have to do is to find the correct solution for your skin and acne problem.  Most home remedies have become popular because they do work and they use products that are available in anyone’s home.

Spot treatment with toothpaste

Have you ever had those annoying white spots show up on your clothes when you arrive to the office or school?  We all know what they are.  It means toothpaste got on our clothes and dried to the crusty white film that’s impossible to remove without washing the clothing.

Well the annoying part of toothpaste splatters actually makes it an ideal home remedy to treat acne.  After cleaning your face in the evening and before you go to bed dab a small amount of toothpaste on any stubborn acne and then go to bed.

During the night the toothpaste will dry and help draw out oil and debris from the acne.  In the morning wash off the toothpaste when you cleanse your face and you’ll see that the acne has gone down.  This can be repeated each night to help reduce an acne breakout.

Salt and Vinegar treatment

Another popular home remedy for acne is to combine salt and vinegar together and then apply to the affected area of skin after cleansing the skin.  This combination needs to sit on the skin for approximately 15 minutes and can then be rinsed off.

Baking soda mixture for acne

When baking you use baking soda in almost every recipe and it’s no surprise that it also works as an effective acne treatment as well.  To use baking soda just mix it with water until it becomes a paste.  Apply the paste to the affected skin and allow it to sit until the paste has dried.  When it’s dry clean off the skin with warm water.

Cinnamon and Honey acne treatment

A slightly different approach to treating acne using ingredients that you have in your home includes using the spice cinnamon combined in honey.  Combine these two ingredients and then use them as a facial mask.  Apply the mask to your skin after washing and before going to bed.  You can leave the mask on overnight, but need to be careful not to get the mixture all through your bedding or hair while sleeping.  The combination of the cinnamon and honey will reduce the inflammation caused by the acne and is more effective if used frequently.

Garlic acne treatment

Besides being one of the most popular flavoring ingredients for food garlic also has healing properties that will help to reduce acne breakouts.  To use garlic you will want to crush garlic cloves thoroughly and apply to the affected skin for a minimum of 30 minutes at a time and then clean off the garlic.  The garlic will help heal the infections caused by bacteria in an acne breakout.  Make sure to clean off all the garlic after using this treatment.

home remedy for acneTreat breakouts with a Tomato

Tomatoes are known to help treat one of the causes of acne, oily skin.  To treat the skin start by slicing a tomato in half and rub the halves on the affected skin then allowing the tomato juice to stay on the skin for approximately twenty minutes before cleaning the juice off the skin.  After treatment you will see a reduction in the oiliness of the skin which will help to prevent future acne breakouts.

The best home remedy for acne combines treating acne breakouts and removing the causes of acne from the skin.  When home remedies are used in combination with regular skin cleansing then acne can be controlled.