A Complete Study On Zits On Chin

By | April 29, 2015

Zits are a common nuisance that causes trouble for most people during their puberty or sometimes even to adults. Although they look awful yet they are generally not painful. How does then the zit growing in the chin area differ from the other types of zits? Well, the first and the foremost difference is that the zits that develop on the chin are much bigger than those that appear on other parts of the face and is quite painful which usually doesn’t happen in the case of other variations of zits. Being painful makes these zits a lot more difficult for people to handle. Moreover, the zits tend to be filled with a lot of pus which makes the situation a pathetic one. Even though the reason for the formation of pimples on the chin is similar to those that form on the other parts of the face yet dealing with these zits is really very difficult.

How to prevent the formation of pimples on the chin?

It is always said that prevention is better than cure and the same applies in the case of zits or pimples too. Following a set of simple steps will keep you far from the occurrence of zits so that you do not have to be burdened with the aftermath. 

Even though the problem of zits mainly affects those people who possess oily skin, yet too much dryness of skin can cause zits too. If your skin tends to be more dry, your oil glands will create excessive secretion of sebum that will lead to the problem of pimples. A complete study on zits on chin

Removing your makeup at the day’s end is a must for everyone. If it left as it is, it will clog the skin pores leading to formation of zits.

Whether you have dry, normal or oily skin, it’s best that you do not gorge on oily food too much. Adding a good amount of water, fruits and vegetables to your diet will help your skin to remain fresh and oil free. 

Washing your face a couple of times in a day is a good way to remove excess oils. But remember never to overdo the process. 

If you need to walk out into the sun more often, try to use a mild sunscreen some time before you actually step out. Using a sunscreen that has a high amount of SPF can also lead to the formation of zits. 

Another simple step that you need to follow is that after you have your food (any type) make sure that you use an astringent type tissue paper to wipe the areas round your mouth and the chin. 

Curing chin zits

In case, zits have started popping up in the chin area, make sure that take immediate action. Do not let the infection spread as treating a single zit will be much easier than a whole chin full of zits. Apply ice on the affected area regularly. This will lessen the impact of the pimples and also help soothe the skin. You can also use honey, sandalwood, lemon, Fuller’s earth, toothpaste and a variety of other times to treat zits.