A complete idea on what causes zits

By | April 28, 2015

Zits they are also referred to as spots or pimples. They are basically tiny or small inflammations of the skin, which because visible on the surface. These are usually oil glands in the skin that get infections from bacteria that which makes them to swell up, hence creating a space which gets filled up with pus after a period of time. Some occupations-these basically involve jobs associated with industries where the individuals are exposed resultant products like the cutting oil. These types of oils are likely to cause a zit; that is upon contact with the individual and it causes most cases because of accidents that occur during the working hours therefore leading to zits among members. Some types of food. These are basically the foods with high content of fats and oil, which in return increases the oil accumulation in the glands of the skin that then triggers the formation of zits on the surface of the skin.

It can also be hereditary. This results in severe cases whereby one of the family members had zits as a common feature. The severe nature of these zits may translate to them being found in the genetic factor of an individual. This makes them to be hereditary where a sibling acquires the same zits as the parent and this factor makes them more difficult to control and manage.

Certain types of cosmetics and some products that are used in skin care have the capability of clogging the pore. This arises from the wide range of cosmetics that are involved in the making of these products. The products or cosmetics that result to zits are usually those that are not water based, this promotes clogging of pores that leads to zits but the water based products and cosmetics are less associated with causing zits.

Dirt also causes zits but this is indirectly through the blockage of pores. This therefore promotes clogging within the pores that later what causes zitspromotes the zits which results in their formation; likewise washing of the skin excessively makes it dry and causes irritation, factors among which causes zits.

Stress also contributes to causes of zits. This is because upon the pop up of few zits on the surface of the skin, people get stressed up and pop them up while picking them up and as a result, they the zits enlarge in size. The popped up zits also produce a fluid that later splashes on another point on the skin where a site has to pop up at after a given time.

Some drugs also cause zits, this is because of their constituents, especially those containing bromides and iodides.These constituents do not directly cause them by they aggravate the formation of zits.Other drugs also react with the skin whereby they leave spots and zits afterwards while others causes irritation of the skin that leads to the formation zits.

Other types of bacteria also cause zits and this is, especially when they are directly or indirectly exposed to the pores. The exposure results to the reaction which leads to formation of zits.