Does Coffee Cause Acne?

Coffee and acne are a weird combo at first look. But surprisingly enough they do share some things in common. Coffee is everywhere. Worldwide, people consume more than 2.25 billion cups every single day. Acne is common as well, affecting an estimated 650 million people globally.  Due to the prevalence of the disease, and the… Read More »

How to get rid of cystic pimples fast and easily

During our teenage years, most of us go through the painful phase of acne appearance. That urge of hiding away your face just because you think you hilariously ugly with that one pimple on your chin. And I’m not even joking about this, some of these pimples can be so stubborn. They decide to make… Read More »

How to get rid of pimple fast and cheaply

Your skin is your best protection. It protects you from the elements which are harmful for your body and may cause many infections and diseases. If it has gone ugly, what would you do to help it in this difficult moment in an effective and quick way so that you may be saved from the… Read More »

How to quickly treat a pimple on scalp

Pimples are a membrane disorder touching the hair glands mostly the areas of the face, torso, back and in exceptional cases the scalp. Pimples peak during adolescence and also come about later in life. Sebaceous glands found in the hair glands become over stimulated by male hormones are the main cause of pimples. As much… Read More »